Three Ways to an Infinity Scarf

I love scarves, especially infinity scarves.  They’re my accessory of choice over necklaces any day.  That’s why I figured out how to turn just about every scarf I own into an infinity, whether it’s a plain, oblong scarf, tasseled, or a simple square.  Here’s how: 


For this one I simply lined up the short edges, pinned them together, infinity 002

and then sewed them together, stitching as close to the edge as I possibly could. infinity 005

Easy peasy.
 infinity 006

No sewing machine?  You could easily hand-sew the edges together or even use some heat ‘n bond tape depending on the fabric your scarf is made out of.
 infinity 010



With a tasseled scarf, all you have to do is tie the tassels on each end together.  If there are lots of tassels, you can get away with tying every other or every third one or even grabbing a few from each end and tying them all together all along the edge.  I tied the tassels on this scarf in bows in case I ever want to ‘un-infinity’ it…which will probably never happen.

infinityscarves2 005



My mom bought me a few square scarves last year and I didn’t know how to wear them until I figured out this little trick – fold the square into a triangle and then tie each end of the long side together.  Throw it over your head and wrap it around twice or three times and it’s “to infinity and beyond”.  Think of how easy it would be to grab a square of a fabric you love at a fabric store, hem the edges, and turn it into an infinity scarf using this tiny tutorial!  Endless options…endless I tell ya…and cheap to boot!

infinityscarves2 003

.           .           .

Anyone else have any little tricks they’ve used to whip up an infinity scarf?  Anyone else prefer them over necklaces like me or are crazy enough to wear them (light ones albeit) during the hot summer months?


  1. You're so crafty! I love it. I love scarves SO MUCH, and I wear them much more than necklaces!

    Miss you, beautiful!