Merry Christmas!

Before I begin to pratter - Merry, Merry Christmas to you!!!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day filled with lots of family/friends, love, and Jesus!

Now then - We found ourselves at M & A Studios a few weeks ago for a family photo, finally, finally using a gift certificate we were generously given in Christmas of 2012.  (I know, our punctuality game is strong with a capital S.)  The certificate was for a studio session and some prints of the product after and, I’ll be honest, I prepared myself for the worst.  When I think of in-studio photography sessions, my mind brings me back to 1990…  12507581_10102257467084833_2552623346999014867_n…when sponge-painted backgrounds married with my mom’s infatuation with hair spray plus lotsa back-combing were a thing of desire.  I’ll let you guess which electric shock victim was me.  And then let’s all take a moment of silence to thank the Lord that that madness is passed us.

Back to our session though, I was very pleasantly surprised when the photographer worked his magic and kept 1990 in the twentieth century.IMG_2194
As you can tell, I even added a few flakes and glitter here and there and sequentially had our Christmas cards printed and sent out.  So, consider yourself a virtual recipient!  If stamps weren’t killer when it comes to snail mail these days, I’d have sent out a hundred more to you, and you, and you too!

More importantly though…

Happy second day of Christmas!  We are fighting colds and fevers after a wonderful Christmas Day which is all so fun but leaves me wishing for the turtle doves instead.  I hope you are all faring much better and enjoying this wonderful season.

Thanks be to God for sending His Son to save us from ourselves!  The Christ is born!  Hallelujah!   

Gold-Dipped Dresser

Holy moly!  I’m about to type up what was a whole month of work – an hour here, two seconds there, half hour here – in one post.  I’m not sure if it feels like I’m cheating or just not giving this project justice but either way…

Remember this dresser?
feb82012011_thumb1Well, that’s how it looked when we first got it.

Set inside the twins’ nursery, I gave it a two-toned look and some new, spray-painted hardware:
hardware 021_thumb[1]And now, I look back on that two-tone decision and I think “what the heck was I thinking?”  The french provencial style of the dresser married to a more modern, two-tone look probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.  I mean, it didn’t look awful but it definitely wasn’t as pretty as I thought it was at the time.  It’s funny how your perceptions change, isn’t it?

Well anyway, it doesn’t look like that anymore.  I spent the last month turning it into this:IMG_8464
I was inspired by a picture of this gold-dipped dresser I saw on Pinterest (pin’s link is broken) months ago and vowed to dip this one someday and that someday, or should I say somedayS, finally came around.

The Baby Excuse

Oh my sweet readers, I promise I have not been avoiding you!  A three week break was not in the plans!  Haha!  The past three weeks have been abnormally busy over here!  Not that a single one of you noticed…and I don’t blame you because there is life outside of reading blogs!  We’ve been trying to finish half-done projects, clean the house, and keep kids alive and thriving and Anthony has been uber busy wrapping up this semester of grad work.  He finished writing his final paper last night so he’s done for a month and just him being finished with school work (especially with the hours and hours he’s put in this past week) feels akin to getting him home from a month-long trip!  We were laughing this morning about how maybe we could watch a movie tonight because we’ll have nothing to do!  :D  And maybe we can start planning our little kitchen wall removal project or finally get that little wall out of the kids bathroom and tile the floors.  Or maybe we’ll bawk all these big plans we’ve got and then just end up lounging around.  OR, we could finally get our Christmas tree up!  That might be a top priority considering the season.  ;)

Anyway, freedom is marvelous.  Well, semi-freedom.  The one thing that’s been majorly holding me back from blogging during the past three weeks is this little something:who meYes darling, you.  The one who has been keeping my beauty sleep nice and segmented thoughout each and every night.  The little reason why my brain and every thought, written and spoken, seems to be so discombobulated that I regret it coming out.  Seriously, I read posts from the past few months and I wish I had time to back and re-edit, rewrite, or just toss out.  ;)   

However, I’m NOT complaining.  I love this sweet little monster with all of my heart and I’ll glady do it for a few more months and maybe longer if she keeps up the cheeky smiles. 

On a more productive note, having this one attached to me at most times of the day does make it easy to get those monthly pictures done.

Her first month had me thinking, “Hey, I think I can do this whole four-kid thing!”

I forgot that all that infant sleepiness doesn’t last, even though it kept on through…
2 months (8)maybe because her newfound sainthood by Baptism made her a saintly sleeper? 

But then it puttered to a stop in the midst of the third.
3 months (47)
I also forgot about the four months sleep regression – all that newfound alertness during the day, taking in allll the surroundings, making nighttime the time when I need to catch up on all those calories I exerted during the day looking at ceiling fans and picture frames on walls, and those little creatures prancing around and prodding me and saying things like “HEYYYYY BABY SISTER!!!!!”.
4 months (4)
And then at… 5 months (13)everything around here is still so exciting so she’s still eating, eating, eating what seems like a thousand times per night and just when it seems like maybe she’s getting the hint that we eat during the day, sleep during the night, two little white things start making their way up the bottom gumline and any hope of sleepy nights is dashed until they finally make their debut and those aches go away (for now) and we’re getting closer to full REM cycles at…
6 months (2)
Closer being the key word because Lord knows we ain’t there yet, any and all of my yawns will tell you that.  ;)

Anywho, I started writing this post while the babe above was soundly sleeping and now she’s up gnawing on the remote on the floor, Seraphia is ten feet away begging me (for the hundreth time) to once again put the diaper on her baby doll (she plays this fun game of mom-puts-it-on-and-immediately-baby-poops), and the other two, our most devious, are being way too quite in the other room which has me thinking maybe I should check on them…or maybe I don’t want to find out.  It’s like they’re all trying to prove some point to me, the mom blogger, that I really can’t write well and mother.  Fragmented thoughts be mine, I guess.  ;)

But really I should skidaddle before too much slobber finds its home in the clicker SO…

if you’ll excuse me, I have a baby to tend to…and a toddler…and two more kids after that. 

Hardware Swap

Sometimes I get this wild hair to do something and I have to do it rightthisminute.  Those wild hairs have really been rare since having kids but last week told a different story.  After seeing John and Sherry’s amazing kitchen renovation, we needed new hardware on our kitchen cabinets….okay, wanted…wanted knew hardware.  I loved how they placed knobs on their upper cabinets and coordinating handles on their lower and our kitchen was begging for it.

So, last week I plucked that wild hair and replaced all of our hardware with new, more modern handles on the bottom cabinets and coordinating knobs on the top.

Our old pulls weren’t bad and truth be told, they were actually pretty nice as seen in these old pictures:
jan202012 003
But, they were definitely a little more traditional than the new bar pulls I bought and I thought adding modern pulls would make our refurbished kitchen look a little more modern; not like the old kitchen it is that we set new appliances in and painted cabinets to make it look new.

Old on the left; new on the right:

Replacing the lower cabinet hardware was easy peasy.  All I had to do was remove the old and install the new in the same holes.  The uppers were a different story.  I had to remove the old pulls, fill in the holes they left behind, drill new knob holes, and then screw in the new knobs.  On top of all that though, I figured it was high time I touched up the paint on our cabinets.  After almost five years, there were a few places where the paint was chipped just from normal, everyday use.  It was a simple fix though.  I just washed down all of the cabinets (something that also needed to be done) and used a small artists’ paint brush and leftover paint to paint right over those small chips. 

Once everything was painted, I got to work filling and drilling for the knobs.  To fill the holes in, I used Bondo (purchased on Amazon because it was cheaper there than at Lowe’s) after seeing Chelsea use it to repair her dining chairs.  The stuff is great and perfect if you’re like me and want immediate results.  It dries super quick!  I filled the holes, sanded them down, and had them covered in paint in under a half hour.  The one thing I didn’t do though was pay attention to detail.  I replaced all of the hardware in sections over four days time and everytime I had a chance to get to work, it was a small chunk of time while the kids were playing or Gianna was taking a cat nap.  So, I rushed and I shouldn’t have because there are places where I didn’t spend enough time sanding the Bondo so that it was completely flush with the door and other places where I should’ve went back and added more, like on this door:
IMG_8436Can you see those two small indentations right where the old pulls were installed?  *sigh*  Lesson learned:  Don’t rush through a project.  I’ll probably go back over and sand or re-fill the next time our cabinets need a touch-up and thanfully, the imperfections aren’t all that noticeable but the fact remains, they are there and I shouldn’t have rushed.  My OCD self will suffer everytime she sees them…

Anyway, lets get to the best part of this little project.  It will end up costing me a few bucks or even be FREE!  How?  Well, because we’re going to sell the old hardware for what we paid for the new – just under $25 for 23 pieces.  The old hardware is still sold at our local Lowe’s for $3 a pop and we bought the new at a fantastic price from the same place I bought the hardware for the kids’ play kitcheneBay!  The knobs cost us 99 cents a piece and the pulls were $1.39 a piece – a fraction of what you’ll find them at in your local hardware store.  And, we can attest to their quality.  They’re heavy, brushed metal pieces of hardware that I’m sure will last just as long as the ones in-store. 

If you have a hankering to replace hardware (or if you didn’t before, maybe you do now!), we highly recommend these! 

Maybe it’s just me enjoying the change, but it kind of amazing how much of a difference hardware can make in a space.  We have original-to-the-house, ugly pulls on our master bath cabinets and I can’t wait to swap those out for these too.  Of course there’s a whole laundry list of updates we want to do in there eventually so you’ll have to stay tuned for those.  ;)

On another note relating to bathroom hardware, do you think it should match what’s in your kitchen?  I’ve seen lots of HGTV remodels where they install the same throughout the house.  Or is it better that it just coordinates?  Or maybe it doesn’t really matter at all and they can all be different and as long as they go with the rest of the decor in that particular room.  What say you fine readers?  I’m kind of asking because we were thinking of grabbing matching pulls for our bathroom, but in brass since a lot of the fixtures might be heading down the brass route.  Should we stick with the same or go different?  Of course this will all be happening months from now but it’s never too early to get a head start with plans, right?  :)


.           .           .

P.S.  I’m sorry this isn’t more of a tutorial!  We’ve been slowly tackling a lot of boring things around here like hemming Anthony’s pants, fixing broken toys and books, and doing an entire house purge so I didn’t have a lot of time to document this whole process while it was happening.  Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be sure to answer them!

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Painted Sneaks

Whew!  What a week, huh guys?  I’ve been staying away from social media and focusing all my nervous energy on doing things like swapping out our kitchen cabinet pulls with knobs, a very spontaneous decision, and letting the girls paint their new kicks. 

They both started complaining last week, while wearing their old sneakers, that their feet hurt.  Maybe it was because, when I checked out the situation, their toes were stuffed into their now-too-small sneaks and needed a tad more space.  (Seriously?  Didn’t I just buy those yesterday?!)  So, to Walmart we went where we grabbed the same sneakers as the ones they had that had lasted us several months.  You can’t beat the price at $5.67 each and really, they hold up so well!  I really loved these tennies too but they didn’t have them in the girls size at the store and I didn’t feel like waiting for them to be shipped so we went another route – plain white with a project in mind.

I had to push my fear of messes aside to set out all of my (very permanent) paints so that the girls could get their customization on.

First, I removed all of the shoelaces.
IMG_1710(And speaking of the shoelaces, the girls don’t know how to tie their laces yet so I’m thinking about grabbing some of these laces!  They look so cool and would make getting out the door without having to bend over (twice) so much easier!)

Then I stuffed the insides of the shoes with plastic bags so that paint didn’t get inside and also because they kept the sides from collapsing in while the girls painted.
I wrote in this instagram that I let the girls “go to town” on their new shoes and maybe that was a little misleading because I didn’t just hand over the paint and walk away.  I did a little bit of what’s called micro-managing.  :)  Gianna and Sebastian were both sawing logs so I had two free hands to help, clean-up, whatever.  Part of that micro-mamaging was only letting them do one color at a time.  They wanted “rainbow” shoes and we’re still working on the concept of color-combining.  They have a hard time understanding how you get brown when you mix ALL the colors instead of rainbow… 

I asked them to try not to get paint on the rubber soles.  I knew that the paint would end up peeling off of the rubber and so I just figured we could skip that part.  They did pretty good staying off the rubber and the little bits that they did paint, I could scratch right off.

I also told them that they could paint them however they wanted – stripes, polka dots, zebra, whatever.  And I told them that they could paint them differently than their sister was.  Haha!  They tend to start coloring differently and then, once they see how their sister is handling the crayon, they do the same.  I wanted their shoes to be totally different 1) because I was interested to see what each’s idea of painted shoes looked like and 2) so I could tell whose was whose without asking (even though I did mark their initials on the bottom soles just to be safe…not that they can’t share shoes but more so they won’t forget which they painted and fight over them Surprised smile).


I thought about grabbing some NeverWet to spray them with so they’d stay cleaner longer but I haven’t had a chance to grab some.  By the time I do, their little feet will probably be begging for the next size up and since this paint-fest went so well, we might have to repeat it later.


Next time, maybe I’ll grab a pair of my own and join in!  Anybody else?  :)

.           .           .

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painted toddler sneakers

Quick Hair, Don’t Care

Over the past several years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve had several requests for a hair tutorial and I’ve always had intentions of obliging but whoa, let me tell you, it is hard to film anything with kids running around.  After a few more requests flowed in last week though, I just threw caution and perfectionism to the wind and set up my phone while I was doing my hair one morning.  My thought was that I’d throw up a quick video tutorial, nothing too eloquent, that showed the basics until I could invest more time in a better video.  The filming went great despite two interuptions by kids asking questions but when I went to upload, that’s when everything got a little wrangled.  I couldn’t figure out how to add text, how to compress the size, how to blah, blah, blah.  Suffice it to say, I spent wayyyyy more time than I had intended on this video and it still is pretty awful.  Haha!  But hopefully you get the gist. 

The original video was eight minutes long but the file was too big to do anything with or store in any of my available storage places so I ended up chopping it into pieces that come in at just under a minute.  To make up for the cuts, I figured (and hoped) some written details would suffice.

So, here goes.

If the video isn’t working here,  hop, skip, or jump over to YouTube to watch it.

Just some notes:

First and foremost, it is painfully evident that I have no talent in video editing.  Ahem…

From start to finish, it takes me about seven minutes to get my hair curled.  It’s never perfect and because it’s curly to begin with, it hides that imperfection pretty well…and some people would dub the look “beachy” so I’ll just lean on that justification.  If I’m going somewhere special, I spend a little more time on it so we’ll just say 15 minutes max.

After I wash my hair, I put a little bit of Garnier Fructis mousse in the bottom half and I blow dry my hair upside down, focusing on the roots, for about two minutes.  I can’t stand wet hair on my neck and back so this gets me to dry at the top, damp at the bottom status.  I usually wash it at night so by the time I’m ready to curl, it’s 100% dry.  Also, about the mousse, I’m kind of a mousse snob.  I don’t like mousse that leaves your hair super stiff and this stuff is the best at not stiffening for the price.  I do think blow-drying after applying helps keep things soft too. 

My hair isn’t thin but it’s definitely not thick.  At the thickness it is, I divide it into two layers for curling.  If your hair is thicker, you might want three layers.  Also, my hair is cut with several layers.  The way your hair is cut detemines how it will look curled…that’s probably obvious but I thought I’d mention it anyway.  :)

When curling, it’s key not to adjust your grip at the base of the section you’re holding.  Grab the hair and wrap.  The section of hair will twist as it’s being wrapped and you want that to happen! 

The iron I’m using in the video is this Hot Shot/Helen of Troy curling iron.  It is amazing and I’ve had it since college (10+ years).  I have it in the 1” size and a 2”.  I’m using the 1” in the video.  The link will take you to it at Sally Beauty Supply, where I bought mine.  If you become an email subscriber with them, you’ll probably be able to nab a coupon that would make it even more affordable than it already is!

This is my hair after three days:
IMG_1536In the summer with all the humidity down here, it usually looks a little crazier after three days but the hairs are faring pretty well in this gorgeous fall weather.

I only brush my hair after showering and that’s it.  And actually, this past summer I tried something new where I brush my hair with a wide-tooth comb while I’m washing conditioner out and that’s it.  When I’m done and while it’s still pretty soaking wet, I apply mousse and then I blow dry, upside-down, for the usual two minutes.  My curls stick together more and humidity doesn’t hamper them as much as it usually does.  You curly-haired girls should try it.  :)  Sometimes it looks great as-is and sometimes just adding a few wrapped-curls here and there adds a little more form.

I didn’t have time to tack this on at the end of the video (another reason why I need to make a better one) but I usually tease my hair at the roots when I’m done to add a little extra va-voom.  On normal days, I just grab a fine-tooth comb or a pick and go at it a little bit but if I’m going to a wedding or some other special occasion, I sprinkle in some Powder Play and then tease it.  My sister introduced me to this stuff a few years ago and it is A+.  It holds and a little goes a really long way so it lasts forever.

I’ve never went Live with Facebook but I was thinking maybe it’d be fun to run through the whole process on there one day?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  We’ll see how much courage I can gather and how much awkwardness I can ignore to try that…

Anyway, I know I’m no hair pro but I’ve gotten pretty good at making my hair look fairly decent in the very, very little amount of time that I have to do it.  If anything, I hope I prove that it’s possible to lose the bed head with very little time and effort.  ;)

Questions?  Leave them in the combox or email me! 

Adios! Flirt female

.           .           .

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Trophy (Painting) Wife

Last week, I finally got around to throwing up a collage wall and making a lamp out of string lights in Sebastian’s room.  If you missed that post, go check it out.
A few of the things up on that wall are some trophies from Anthony’s years past – Little League baseball years past.  I asked him a few years ago if he’d allow me to spray paint them and I got a shocked face and a stern, are-you-crazy, “no”.  Then I tried again last week and, maybe since all these guys have been doing is chilling in Sebastian’s closet, I got a “sure”.  So, I took that affirmative and ran with it…straight outside…with a few cans of spray paint.

Have you a few old trophies laying around?  Maybe you’ve passed some by at your local thrift store?  Well, if so, here’s how to make them as exciting today as they once were.

Trophies are put together really simply.
Basically, they’re a bunch of pieces and parts stacked on top of eachother with a long, threaded rod down the middle and that rod is secured at the bottom with a nut.

Unscrew that nut and everything will just slide right off.
The super cool thing about Anthony’s trophies is that each base is marble, carrerra marble to be exact.  I know so because a tiny sticker on the back of each told me so.  So fancy, right?  Well, there’s no way I’m going to paint something that isn’t ugly in the first place.  So, I grabbed all the plastic to be painted and left the marble as-is.

I gave all of the pieces a good washing with some dish soap and a toothbrush before I painted them.  They were a tad dusty from being stored so long.  After they were dry, I took them outside and laid them all out on a big piece of posterboard that was headed for the trash.

Then I gave each piece a coat of spray primer.  Plastic tends to be pretty finicky when it comes to holding paint (ahem), so priming it first ups the chances of it really sticking.
I painted one side of each piece, let that side dry, and then turned everything over to paint the other side.

Two of the trophies I left just primed – the gray and white.  I wasn’t sure what color I wanted to go and the only actual color I have in my spray paint stash right now is yellow.

Once everything was nice and dry, I put the trophies back together the same way I took them apart – by stacking them in order over the rod and securing it all by putting that nut back on at the base.  Except, in putting them back together, I turned the marble bases around backwards so that the metal plate parts with all of the writing were facing the back and the fronts were just plain marble.  See?
(So I was thinking while I was putting these things back together, about how awesome it would be to grab a few marble-laden trophies from a thrift store, take them apart to remove the marble, and stack the marble pieces all together to make a lamp base.  You could put all the big pieces at the bottom and small at the top or you could stagger them so they’re all different.  Either way, it be a really cool and cheap way to get a marble lamp!  :D  )

Had I a longer shelf, I probably would’ve painted more trophies and maybe that’ll eventually happen anyway.  Until then though, I really love how these turned out.  It’s fun when you can redo and repurpose something but even more fun and special when it’s something of sentimental value that probably wouldn’t have been used much less displayed anyway.  :)

All thanks and gratitude to my trophy husband for being so good at baseball as a wee lad, for without his mad skills (and eventual reluctance to my painting idea), this post would probably never have been written.  :)

.           .           .

 spray-painted trophies

House for Love

Or maybe it should be Bean In Six?  House in Love?  House for Six Beans?  Six Beans in One House that are having a giveaway?  Yes.  That works!  But, what I really mean is that Deme at House for Six and I have put our efforts together to bring you a fun giveaway from my shop, Bean In Love Studio.  If you don’t already follow along with Deme, you should.  If you like my blog, you’ll love hers even more.  She has an eye for beauty and every ‘after’ she debuts leaves me in awe because she throws things together that I would never have thought to throw together and gets decor perfection every time.

Right now, she’s doing a little make-over-ing in her master bedroom and she grabbed a lumbar pillow from my shop to waltz with her amazing headboard.  And, she just painted after getting her readers to weigh in on that tough decision.


Go see what color won out and which pillow is perched AND THEN, enter to win a pillow cover of your very own!  Fingers crossed

High Strung

Last fall, I was strolling through the summer clearance section at our local Target when I stumbled upon the huge collection of string lighting they had clearanced.  We needed some string lights for our new screened-in patio, so I grabbed a few boxes of these, and then I grabbed a couple of boxes of these metal ones that I thought might be fun to hang elsewhere.  Later, I’d get this fun idea to make an unconventional lamp out of them.  And, if you konw me, you know I usually get these ideas in my brain and then execute months later.  This scenario is no different.

Here we are, a year later, in Sebastian’s room.  I started hanging the string lights last year I but never finished and haphazardly threw up a few things I wanted on the wall above his dresser.  Haphazdly because I just hung stuff on the nails that were still in the wall from when the girls inhabited his room and had a collage wall up there.  IMG_8266
I bought that little lamp for another project (I wanted to recreate this ceiling light…plans have changed though) and the first thing Sebastian does when he wakes up in the morning is turn it on.  Fine except it’s really light and wobbles all over the place when two-year old hands get ahold of it…it’s fallen more than once.  Long ramblings short, it was time.  He needed a new lamp and I wanted to spruce up that wall.

To figure out the placement of things I’d be hanging, I simply laid everything out on the floor of his room – moving and shaking until I had a set up that satisfied me.
Then I used my handy dandy picture-hanging tool to transfer everything from the floor to the wall.IMG_8272
And, I finally finished that unconventional lamp.
To make it, I used a shelf bracket (originally, I bought this one but Anthony told me it was too dangerous to use – the end could poke an eye out or stab a forehead.  I disagreed (and there may have been an eyeroll) but I love my husband so…), the string lights (I used two strands), and some screws and picture hangers.  In total, I spent $18 ($3 for the bracket at Dirt Cheap, $7.50 for each light strand, and pennies for the hardware).
Starting over by his window, I hung the end of one of the string lights by putting in a picture hanger and slipping the hook of the hanger through one of the cut-outs on the basket part of the light.
IMG_8276(Don’t worry, I made sure to hang the lights high enough so that certain someones woudn’t mistake the strand for a jungle gym…)

Then I strung the lights across the corner and over to the next wall where I used another picture hanger to hook the light up near the ceiling.  For the actual ‘lamp’ part, I first installed the shelf bracket.  As luck had it, our trusty stud finder found me a wall stud right where I wanted to hang the lamp so I penciled in the edges of it.
IMG_1358Had there not been a stud, I would’ve just had to use some drywall plugs to install the bracket.  The lights aren’t heavy at all but in case somebody went a’pullin’, I didn’t want any a’fallin’.  As it was, I simply installed it using the screws that came with it.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, I spray painted it black prior to all of this.  It seemed more “manly”.  ;)
Eventually I’m thinking I might repaint the string lights – the cord and baskets.  I didn’t have time to do that last week nor do I know what color to go for but the cool thing is that I can.  The decorative baskets over each bulb slip right off so it’d be easy to change their color.  When I first found these lights in the store, I envisioned the metal baskets gold or a gold ombre with a white cord.  That wouldn’t really fit in well in Sebastian’s room but you never know where they’ll end up later in life…
Last, I just grabbed the second set of string lights in one handful and set them on the hook of the shelf support so that they fell however.  I tried to hide the connectors as well as I could within the bunch so that they weren’t too obvious.  To make the whole thing work, the lights are connected to an extension cord that has an on/off switch on the cord itself.  It’s actually the one we use for our Christmas tree so I’ll have to grab another one (like this one) next month, especially since the additional outlets on it are a little too big and obvious.  For now though, it does the trick.
SO, after all that, I should let out a big cyber sigh and tell you that we’re not sure we like it.  I mean, we like it, it looks uber cool BUT it doesn’t give off a lot of light.  It’s more mood lighting than something you could read a book by and, since we read a lot of books in that chair there, I’m not sure if form will override function in this case.  IMG_8285If we decide to switch it out for something brighter, converting the other lamp that was in here prior to this string lamp to something that hangs might be a good option.  I’ll light you know what happens.  ;)

Anyway, I’ll wrap this up with a few more details and sources so you can be on your merry way. 


If you follow us on Instagram, you might’ve seen the story about that USA wall art in the corner over the mirror.  I found it last week at Dirt Cheap for $2 and planned on painting it because it had a big sharpie mark on the front.
Shown in an Insta-story, I started by spray priming it but didn’t go any further because I kinda liked the look of it as-is.  It has a wood texture to it (although I’m fairly certain it’s not wood) and so the thin coat of primer gave it a white-washed look.  Those of you who responded to the story like it too, so white-washed it stayed and over the mirror I hung it.  That mirror is a hand-me-down from years ago and the two (empty-for-now), big picture frames were yard sale finds I spruced up.
IMG_8272black and silver picture frames:  Dirt Cheap (they were in our $20 bargain buggy score)
print in the black frame:  Honeychild Forest
BE NOT AFRAID wall hanging:  Honeychild Forest ($35 with the above print on sale @zelieandco on Instagram)
canvas painting: done by my good friend, Jesse
’S’ initial:  consignment store (gift from my sister that my cousin painted)
white floating shelf:  Dirt Cheap ($3 for a set of four shelves)
The trophies were a super fun diy (Anthony finally let me paint his prized, childhood trophies!!!!) that I’ll spill more about later.  The clock was a wedding gift that we used for years until it quick working (yes, we tried changing the battery) and so I set it to the time of Sebastian’s birth and hung it up in here.

On his dresser are some of Anthony’s things – the Giants’ jersey figurine, another college trophy, a statue of St. Anthony - and a dracaena I potted in a Dollar Store vase.  I set all of Sebastian’s favorite books up there for quick grabbing – Runaway Bunny, The Little Blue Truck books (love these!), The Giving Tree, The Little Engine That Could, and some noisy books.  Also up there is The Dangerous Book for Boys, a mint condition, yard sale find.  It’s one I’ll probably move somewhere safer so it doesn’t get ruined because I can’t wait to read and use it with Seb when he gets older.  I LOVE this book!  It has lots of stories and activities in it; things like “How to So fun!  It reminds of something the little boys living in Downton Abbey world would read.  And, there’s The Daring Book for Girls that I will most definitely be getting the girls for Christmas!

I’ll be back later this week if all runs smoothly over here, to share how I spray painted Anthony’s trophies!  I love how they turned out!  Spray paint is a modern-day miracle worker, isn’t it?  Have you spray painted anything recently?  Nothing is safe in this house!  ;) 

I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!

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