Hey There 2024

Are you like me, wondering where 2023 went?!  It seem like we were just stepping off the 2022 Christmas season and experiencing some spring weather when all of a sudden, boom, Happy 2024!  Or maybe it was the longest year ever for you and you're just happy to have made it.  Either way, 2023 is out and 2024 is the new in.

2023 wasn't a great year for the blog.  Our biggest project was birthed (quite literally) in February and it seems we took the rest of the year to recover and savor.  While we did tackle a few small things around our home, only one made it into writing.  We're ok with it though because it lets us start the new year with a healthy (low) standard that we can surely build on...

in between food storage clean up, of course. 

rug* (<---These types of Loloi rugs are my favorites for bathrooms and kitchens.)

We have a few "we can definitely get this done" projects on our docket this year.