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*This page is under construction!  Feast on what's here and watch for more updates to come!*  

See a one-year-in interior tour here.

So we bought another house.  After owning, selling, owning, selling, renting, and renting again, we found ourselves another little treasure...though when I say "little" really I mean not so little because, at 2400 square feet, this is by far, the largest house we've ever made our beds in.  And maybe to some that's still little but to us, well, we've got space galore.  Four bedrooms and formal living room?!!  Who dis?

She's a brick. house.  #singit
And those sticks of columns that don't even match the painted trim drive us absolutely bonkers out front but, we love her.  We have plans for the front, boy do we.  You can see what's floating around in our heads here.  We did do a little sprucing this past Thanksgiving though - we removed all of the shutters, painted the front door, took out the window muntins (those square inserts), and replaced all of the front windows.  The stick columns are still there but we think the updates maybe take some of the attention off them?  #pleasesayyes

*updated picture coming soon!*

We closed on our house with a couple of months left on our rental lease, giving us time to get in and remove all of the popcorn ceilings before we moved in.  Not only are they ugly but the house was smoked in so most of them were stained and soaked with smoke smell.  So awesome, right?  It was a job to get them down but worth every single scrape.  (Read about how we removed them here.) 

Walking in the front door gave you a healthy dose of the 80's with a side of smoke - wallpaper (with a tiny print that's hard to see on screen), dingy, off-white trim, old brass light fixture, and parquet floors.

Fresh paint on every single vertical surface, a new light fixture, and an over-sized entry rug, combined with those smooth white ceilings and we are suddenly in the 21st century: 

You can get more details in this post.

One room over is the formal living room and this is what it looked like on closing day:
It was basically a beige box with dingy popcorn ceilings.  Until I can get pictures taken of the progress we made in here over Christmas break, here's the latest photo I took, taken while we were scraping the ceilings.
We've decided to turn this room into a home library of sorts, aka the reading room, with one wall of bookcases and our newest addition, a piano.  More on that later.  :)

Through the library, you get a good glimpse of the dining room.  Our first ever formal dining room!  Here's what it looked like before:

So far, we've only taken down the wallpaper and the rest has remained untouched.

KITCHEN before:





LAUNDRY ROOM (really just a closet inside a small hallway) before:






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