Pumped Out

I’m coming at cha with a quick one today guys!  This soap dispenser:
I saw it a couple of weeks ago on clearance at Walmart for $5 and, though I wanted it bad, I walked away because I’m too cheap for $5. 

But then when I went back to Walmart last week for groceries, there it was again except it had a nice little sticker that had it marked down to $3.50.  So, I pounced.

And then I removed the pump, taped off the bottom tube, and spray painted that puppy with Rust-Oleum’s Metallic Gold (I did prime it first though with some white Rust-Oleum spray primer).

I’ve been on this gray plus tan or gold kick for the past few months so this one just fed that fire perfectly.  Now it’s sitting prettier in the kids’/guest bathroom.  We had an old plastic dispenser in there for the longest time so this one was a welcome change.  Did I mention that the faceted gray bottle is glass?  I’ll take that over plastic almost any day.

I do have one small complaint though.  I don’t know if it’s that water hit it and wasn’t wiped off (I don’t wipe water off soap dispensers because I’m lazy and it’s a waste of time) or if I should’ve let it cure longer than the 24 hours I did before water hit it or what, but there’s been some spotting on the gold.  The pump is plastic which I don’t think matters since it seems to be something with the paint but either way, those spots are there.  I tried to wipe them off and some came off or lightened but not all.

But, for around $4, I’m not too concerned.  We’ll just call it a ‘vintage patina’ and embrace imperfection.

.           .           .

I have been working at a snail’s pace on the girls’ room in the past few weeks!  Reveal coming soon!  On top of that, I have three big things going on right now that you’re gonna wanna stay tuned for!  They’re like B-I-G!  :)

Target Clearance Rack to You

I went to Target last week and thought I’d do the usual, quick fly-by on the clearance racks on my way out and that fly-by landed the three tots and I in the fitting room (the regular small size since someONE was in the large room…you can imagine how pleasant that was) and then landed me in the check-out lane with four items I found for at least 50% off.  So, I thought I’d share and bring the clearance rack to you.

Let me back up though quick and tell you how I shop.  I’m usually a year behind on trends, or so it would seem, since I buy “trends” when they’re on their way out via clearance racks to make room for the next season’s line.  But, since I don’t really care too much for what’s in and what’s not, I don’t mind one bit.  I probably spend about $20 a month on clothes and shoes for myself which, most would think, is pretty low.  But, it’s all I can afford and I don’t feel like I sacrifice style by not spending a lot.  And then if we want to get technical up in here, in all actuality I spend $0 and some months recently I’ve made money buying clothes.  That’s because I’ve been purging my closet and saving or spending that money on new clothes.  Also, I have a rule that if I buy something new, something else has to go.  I have too many clothes to be accumulating more.

So, back to the virtual clearance racks below, I know a lot of these things would classify as spring/summer wear (duh…why they’re on clearance Sheena) but most could easily be transitioned to fall/winter with the addition of a cardigan or kimono and some pants.  The sandaly shoes will be great for next summer!

(And PS, most of the links below are affiliate links.  If you click and purchase, I’ll get a small referral fee but that fee won’t raise your price one penny.  My intention is not to make big bucks off referring stuff to you, be sure of that!  I really just want to share the goods and I hope you can find some stylish stuff to add to your wardrobe for a bargain.  So, whether you go through my links or not, I wish you good shopping!)  :)

To see all the finds, just click the arrow at the right (or left to go back) of the image and click on the image to take you to the product on Target’s website.  :)



And there’s more…I couldn’t find the tops I bought last week in-store on ShopStyle (the affiliate program I use) but I found them on Target’s website for you.  Some of them aren’t clearanced online but check your local store because it might tell a different tale!

This Merona top is awesome.  I bought it for 50% off which is usually a bit much for cheap little me but it’s going to take a lot for me to return it.
17301661I got it in the kelp green color.  The fit is just great and I love the length and that it’s the perfect amount of loose.  

I got this Mossimo top top in the geo print but it seems that print isn’t online anymore!  I remember seeing it there last week so it must’ve gone quick!  No surprise though since it’s this uber cool black and white geometric design with some florescent orange, wine, tan, and red thrown in.  The fit is great though and it’ll be great under a cardigan, blazer, jean jacket, or even by itself.  I found it and another Mossimo top on the 70% off rack.  I can’t find the second one online but it’s in the running to be my current most favorite shirt.  It’s a long, flowy, creamy white number with an aztec design in two colors of gray sequins on the front.  It had a lot of makeup along the neckline so I think maybe that’s why it was so discounted but that doesn’t scare me.  A toss in the wash and that’ll come right out!

Call me crazy but I am no stranger to wearing maternity tops when I’m not pregnant.  That’s why I bought this Liz Lange top:
16928981I have some faux leather leggings that I can’t wait to pair with it.  Without the baby belly, it just fits like a long tunic.  And did I mention how comfy it is?  I could sleep in it… 

And last but not least, I found this Mossimo jumpsuit and spent my whole monthly $20 on it.  I found it a month or two ago though on a different trip than I found the above tops on so hopefully you’ll still be able to find it in your store.  I love it because the legs are longggg and I have the worst time finding those in jumpsuits.  Usually I have to pull the crotch down to my knees for the bottom hem to graze my ankles.  Pity because I love jumpsuits.  I’m voting they stay in for a long while.

.           .           .

I hope you find some good (cheap) stuff!  Like I said above, some of the stuff I listed online might be cheaper in-store so GO!  Hop over and add to, swap out, and/or treat yourself!

Shortened Black Shorts

I’m long overdue for a refashion, aren’t I?  I think so and the two piles of ill-fitting clothes stacked in our closet sure as heck think so too.  One down though…these black shorts:Image-1
Hilariously, I bought them when I was pregnant with the twins off the 70% off clearance rack at Target (these and these* are very similar and on super clearance!), hoping that (years) after the twins were born, I’d be able to wear them.  They’re trouser style with the slanted side pockets and I loved that they can easily be dressed up or down.  But I wasn’t a huge fan of the length.  I have nothing against long shorts but I’m biased in that I think the five-inch inseam is the perfect one on me.  Also, Anthony has been begging me to take up some of his dress pants and they all need a blind hem so I thought these shorts would be the perfect thing to practice a blind hem on before I take to his good pants.  I used this tutorial to blind hem with my Brother sewing machine.  They turned out okay.  I learned that having a thick hem (there’s an inch-and-a-half hem on these) doesn’t work the best on shorts because, the farther you go up the leg, the wider around the leg is.  So essentially, when you fold up your hem, the bottom isn’t at wide as the top and so you can get a little bit of bunching like I did on these shorts.  It’s not too noticeable though but I still think that I’ll stick to tiny hems for shorts in the future.

I do love my ‘new’ black shorts.  Here’s how I’m planning on wearing them this fall:

With this amazing chambray shirt my sister handed-down to me and my cognac brown moccasins:IMG_6530[similar (and clearanced) chambray top // similar moccs]

And maybe if I’m brave (or my hair hasn’t been washed for days), I’ll toss on my thrifted wide brim:IMG_6525

Black on black on black:IMG_6533Date night?  [top was a Target clearance buy several years ago // similar wedges*]

More blacks:IMG_6541[turtleneck from Old Navy years ago // caged flats were a Sam & Libby from Target clearance buy last year]

With a striped black and white sweater and pointed flats:
[sweater was a Target clearance buy three years ago // pointed flats were $1 Gabriel Brothers find]

Black and blue (a refashion) and leopard:
[flats are Sam & Libby from Target, found at Dirt Cheap recently but I found them on eBay here]

Open chambray, a scarf, and these flats I recently got on clearance:
[flats* – still on clearance! // necklace was a recent sale find from Old Navy]

And last but never least, my favorite combo of buffalo check plus leopard:
[similar (clearanced!) top with smaller pattern]

Of course all the outfits would look much more chic with better photography and if I had a city street or Central Park as my backdrop but my bedroom it is.  You get the picture, right?

Do you have a pair of black shorts?  How do you wear them?

.           .           .

*affiliate links to products I purchased or similar products to those I wore 

7 ways to wear black shorts

Socket To ‘Em

Remember our new kitchen chandelier
Well, you might remember then, that I was having a hard time figuring out how to update the yellowed sockets.
I couldn’t find any socket covers that were wide enough to fit my sockets and custom covers were outrageously priced.  After all, all they are is a round piece of heat resistant plastic.  You’d think they’d be cheap. 

Well, I finally found a solution - paint!  I had toyed with painting them in the beginning but I knew that spray paint was out of the question as was latex and acrylic since, technically, they’re not heat safe.  But then I found this FolkArt enamel paint, meant for glass that you paint and then bake to ensure its permanence.
IMG_1826I found it at Walmart but you can grab it from Amazon, through my affiliate link, here.

I grabbed a small paint brush and gave each socket one coat during nap time one day last week and things are looking much less yellow.
And, after using the light multiple times since painting, they still look good.  The sockets get fairly hot so I was interested to see how the paint stood up after it was heated up a few times and it’s looking just like the day I painted.  Of course more time will tell and I’ll keep you updated, but I’m calling it a success for now.  I also like the paint route because I don’t have to deal with plastic covers adding bulkiness or yellowing again over time.  If the covers start to yellow again with the paint, I’ll just paint right over them again for a few pennies.


Any sockets at your place that need a paint job?  Grab the enamel!  They make lots of colors too so you can always add that pop of color in an unexpected place…and then you can use the rest of the paint to customize your favorite mug! 

.           .           .

Here’s hoping your Monday is as easy-breezy as this little project was!  :)

Spotted: Goodwill

I’ve always had this desire to go to thrift stores on a regular basis and take a picture of everything that catches my eye, only to come back home and blog about what exactly went through my head about each item or why it was so great.  My hope for you, my loveliest readers, is that I can inspire you to go into a thrift store with an open mind and sharp eyes and find some treasures for yourself.  So, I’m doing it and I’m starting on this lovely Saturday night.  The tots are sawing twigs, football is on the tube, and my better half at my side.  Consider this the first of the series.  Hopefully I’ll stick with it but that all depends on how often I can get to the thrift store alone or how often I can get to the thrift store with kids in tow and snap some pictures.  It’ll all be nice and spontaneous-like.

So, the day was yesterday.  The kids didn’t really nap and by the time they could’ve, it was too late and a nap would’ve eaten into bedtime so, we hit up Goodwill. 

Here’s what I spotted:

These two, lidded dishes:  IMG_1835They were both vintage glass and the colors were amazing.  The green one had a small piece chipped off the very top of the dish but a little strategic placement would’ve hidden it nicely.  I came thisclose to buying the yellow one to put jewelry, bobby pins, and other little things in next to my bathroom sink but then I didn’t.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the picture on top so my thought was to spray paint the lid either copper or gold to match the metallic trim around the actual dish.  Either one would look beautiful on a shelf though on top of some books or just by themselves.  They were both $2.99, if I’m remembering correctly. 

These glass votives:
I loved how vibrant the colors were and they were thick, bubbled glass.  They didn’t have a price tag on them but I’m guessing it probably would’ve been under $5 for the whole set.  They’d make a pretty addition to a spring or summer tablescape.

This little vase:
I think I just love all things geometric so the shape stood out first but the color of the glass was so beautiful and could bring an earthy tone into a space.  I thought it’d be really sweet with a succulent living inside and placed on a windowsill.  I think it was $1.
These brass beauties:
Brass is in people and these three were the epitome of why.  They were beautiful!  All three would make one bathroom countertop very happy…or a shelf display…or anywhere really.  Seriously beautiful. 

These two lamps:
Gosh, I love lamps.  I don’t know that there’s ever been a single time I’ve gone into a thrift store and not spotted at least one cool lamp.  But these two…I loved the idea of painting the thin, silver and gold one on the left copper or even a more champagne gold.  Or even keeping the silver and painting the gold copper?  I mean, even in some bold color it would exude ‘sleek’.  It’d make an amazing desk lamp.  The soft green color of the one on the right was beautiful.  And there’s that brass again and it was such a gorgeous hue of it.  The soft green plus the brass?  Got me.  Set it on a bedside table or dresser paired with a creamy white drum shade and it would hold it’s own. 

This oval bowl:
This is another one I almost bought.  The silver was so pretty and I thought it would be look great somewhere on our living room shelves…and then I heard a crash two feet away which sent me wondering what the…my kids.  Plastic office supplies.  Everywhere. 

Forget the bowl.  We are leaving.  But then on our way out I spot…

These vases and goblets:
Argh…the colors got me at first sight.  I wanted them SO BAD!  But I didn’t need them so I walked away.  Not to mention that my kids were done.  Upon (a very quick) close inspection though, I realized the vases had been painted on the insides which got me thinking about how many clear vases there are to be found in every thrift store that could easily be transformed into vases as pretty as these with just a little paint.

And that was it.  Had I been alone I might’ve moseyed into the clothing and taken some pictures there but we’ll just have to keep that for next time. 

Happy Saturday night.  Say a prayer Notre Dame can come back and beat Clemson, will ya?  ;)