Pumped Out

I’m coming at cha with a quick one today guys!  This soap dispenser:
I saw it a couple of weeks ago on clearance at Walmart for $5 and, though I wanted it bad, I walked away because I’m too cheap for $5. 

But then when I went back to Walmart last week for groceries, there it was again except it had a nice little sticker that had it marked down to $3.50.  So, I pounced.

And then I removed the pump, taped off the bottom tube, and spray painted that puppy with Rust-Oleum’s Metallic Gold (I did prime it first though with some white Rust-Oleum spray primer).

I’ve been on this gray plus tan or gold kick for the past few months so this one just fed that fire perfectly.  Now it’s sitting prettier in the kids’/guest bathroom.  We had an old plastic dispenser in there for the longest time so this one was a welcome change.  Did I mention that the faceted gray bottle is glass?  I’ll take that over plastic almost any day.

I do have one small complaint though.  I don’t know if it’s that water hit it and wasn’t wiped off (I don’t wipe water off soap dispensers because I’m lazy and it’s a waste of time) or if I should’ve let it cure longer than the 24 hours I did before water hit it or what, but there’s been some spotting on the gold.  The pump is plastic which I don’t think matters since it seems to be something with the paint but either way, those spots are there.  I tried to wipe them off and some came off or lightened but not all.

But, for around $4, I’m not too concerned.  We’ll just call it a ‘vintage patina’ and embrace imperfection.

.           .           .

I have been working at a snail’s pace on the girls’ room in the past few weeks!  Reveal coming soon!  On top of that, I have three big things going on right now that you’re gonna wanna stay tuned for!  They’re like B-I-G!  :)


  1. Can't wait! Also, I wanted to ask if you have ever spray painted vent covers? I have a can of white, and a cover in desperate need, but I cant quite pcture how best to go about it!

    1. Yes Julie! Every single vent cover in this house is spray painted actually! I painted them right after we moved in and they're looking freshly painted after six years! You might want to spray prime them first though.

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  3. Looks great, Sheena! I used Krylon's gold on a mirror frame that's in my girls' room but it's been touched so much that it has fingerprints all over the gold. :( I think I'll try re-painting it with the Rustoleum- here's hoping!

  4. Looks great! Julie, I have spray painted vent covers also and mine look great. It is such a an easy fix.