Welp, I didn't mean to be away so long from our online home away from home but here we are, already about to jump right into MAY!  

You might know the reason for this little hiatus if you're an Insta follower but if not, here HE is...

Faustin Anthony - a big surprise in the first place and already boasting two months of extrauterine experience in this thing we call life.  While it was possible to do big things like help lay new floors and paint stuff while he was safe inside my bell, outside of it has made anything like that relatively impossible.  We've literally been just surviving and maintaining our home.  The unpainted baseboards and light fixtures I want to replace have been calling out to me but I've been calling back "not yet".  I fully intend to start doing again and blogging all about it but for the time being, we're going to keep on keeping on, soaking up this baby and keeping our back burners fully-loaded for later.  ;)