Storage Room Reveal!

Before we pop into the storage room to see how it all checked out, I'll just say quick that it definitely isn't one of our more glorious reveals (I think this one still takes the cake), but there is still a pretty big leap from before to after.  It's another one of those budget-friendly makeovers that we hold firm to, coming in at just under $180.  It really helped that the large cabinet was a free hand-me-down, the shelves were already here, and the upper wall cabinet we moved in from the kitchen.  It was on the wall we took down.

So, let's just start from the very beginning - the day we got the keys - the blank slate.  If I told you I pulled this photo from a 1980s archive, you'd have no reason to doubt me.

We moved in in 2019 and this is what this functioning corner looked like for many moons:

Hardware + A Fun Cabinet Upgrade

There's lots of new hardware in the storage room (still thinking I need to come up with a much more charming name...ideas?).  Some, like these double hooks*, have been hanging out for awhile, waiting for a fresh coat of paint on the wall to make them shine.

Adding Faux Legs to Cabinets | DIY

Sounds exciting, right?  Well, maybe not but over here, I get excited about adding legs where there aren't any.  Dressers, nightstands, and now cabinets.  It just seems to take things up a notch...get it, get it?  Up a notch?  ;)

Last year around this time I found three of these cabinets* at Dirt Cheap for 15 bucks a pop.  They're technically "upper" cabinets but with a little reinforcement, I figured I could use them as base cabinets since they were the perfect size for the kids' little drop zone in our storage room.  They were priced as such because each has damaged backing, nothing major and who will notice that damage anyway?

Not a single human being.  For $45, I'm banking on it.

My then-pregnant self got them from the car to the house with some very careful dragging on a blanket and set them up so I could see what we were dealing with. 

It was a that stayed put for a whole year.  #storyofmylife