Grand Opening of…

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Bean In Love Studio

Surprise!!!  It’s been the brain-child of a good friend and I for months now, a pillow cover shop which we hoped to expand into other home decor areas.  Since the seed was planted though, a lot has changed including my friend moving (cue the tears) but I’ve decided to press on myself and share my passion of sewing with you!

There are a few reasons.  For one, I have a love of fabric.  Unfortunately, I can’t have all the fabrics in my house lest we’d be pattern-on-pattern-on-pattern repeat offenders.  But, I can have all the fabrics and make stuff out of them for other people, thereby living vicariously through my customers and what they choose to do with them.  The thought makes me giddy.  Also, I just love sewing.  It takes me away from the craziness that sometimes is being a stay-at-home mom – the mindless therapy and peace and quiet that exists just pressing away at that foot pedal while the kids are snoozing is glorious.  And of course, I’m not looking to make bank but adding a few extra dollars to the budget every month while I do something I love sounds like a great plan to me.  :)   

Well, for now, just pillow covers.  I have dreams of cranking out some changing pad covers, sheets, curtains, and lots of other things to pretty up a home but for now, those are just dreams.  I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned. 

I know, the thought that might be crossing your mind is, “How the heck are you going to find time for making pillow covers to sell on top of blogging AND mothering?”  Well, I have no clue.  Kidding…kind of.  Like everything, I’m making time for this.  I’ve dedicated one day a week to sewing for my shop which means that during naptime and bedtime on that day, you’ll probably find me cutting and making conversation with my machine.  I’m determined to not let this get overwhelming or to invade the already precious time I have with family.  Does that mean I won’t be cranking out pillow covers like breeding rabbits?  Yes it does.  My goal is to make five a week; twenty a month.

So, I hope you’ll stop by my little shop!  Right now, here are the covers you’ll find:

I’d love your feedback too!  My goal upon opening the shop was to offer well-made, durable pillow covers in quality home decor fabrics that are affordable.  Like I said above, I’m not looking to become rich off these which I why I tried to price them fairly but also below what other similar covers were.  At this point, I’m not taking custom orders but I am open to suggestions on types and patterns of fabric you’d be interested in seeing!  You can hit me up with those at or via my etsy shop.  Also, if you have questions decor questions about which covers would look best in your space or anything else, I’m all ears eyes so shoot those over too!

Thank you for your support!  I’m really excited for this little adventure!



  1. I just made curtains out of the birds print!! So beautiful!!

  2. So excited!! Maybe I should just snap photos of my home, send them to you, and title it Help! We are hoping for new couches so when we finally get them (latest early next year) you will be the shop I look to!

  3. This is awesome, Sheena!! I really love the one with the birds ... I think my husband believes we have too many birds in our house already, but no such thing, right??

  4. Wow, that's an awesome idea! I love every single pattern from this first batch. And, above all, I envy your commitment to observe the time you've scheduled for every area of your life.
    Best of luck with your shop!

    1. Thanks!!! My scheduling is my sanity-saver! :)