Target Clearance Rack to You

I went to Target last week and thought I’d do the usual, quick fly-by on the clearance racks on my way out and that fly-by landed the three tots and I in the fitting room (the regular small size since someONE was in the large room…you can imagine how pleasant that was) and then landed me in the check-out lane with four items I found for at least 50% off.  So, I thought I’d share and bring the clearance rack to you.

Let me back up though quick and tell you how I shop.  I’m usually a year behind on trends, or so it would seem, since I buy “trends” when they’re on their way out via clearance racks to make room for the next season’s line.  But, since I don’t really care too much for what’s in and what’s not, I don’t mind one bit.  I probably spend about $20 a month on clothes and shoes for myself which, most would think, is pretty low.  But, it’s all I can afford and I don’t feel like I sacrifice style by not spending a lot.  And then if we want to get technical up in here, in all actuality I spend $0 and some months recently I’ve made money buying clothes.  That’s because I’ve been purging my closet and saving or spending that money on new clothes.  Also, I have a rule that if I buy something new, something else has to go.  I have too many clothes to be accumulating more.

So, back to the virtual clearance racks below, I know a lot of these things would classify as spring/summer wear (duh…why they’re on clearance Sheena) but most could easily be transitioned to fall/winter with the addition of a cardigan or kimono and some pants.  The sandaly shoes will be great for next summer!

(And PS, most of the links below are affiliate links.  If you click and purchase, I’ll get a small referral fee but that fee won’t raise your price one penny.  My intention is not to make big bucks off referring stuff to you, be sure of that!  I really just want to share the goods and I hope you can find some stylish stuff to add to your wardrobe for a bargain.  So, whether you go through my links or not, I wish you good shopping!)  :)

To see all the finds, just click the arrow at the right (or left to go back) of the image and click on the image to take you to the product on Target’s website.  :)



And there’s more…I couldn’t find the tops I bought last week in-store on ShopStyle (the affiliate program I use) but I found them on Target’s website for you.  Some of them aren’t clearanced online but check your local store because it might tell a different tale!

This Merona top is awesome.  I bought it for 50% off which is usually a bit much for cheap little me but it’s going to take a lot for me to return it.
17301661I got it in the kelp green color.  The fit is just great and I love the length and that it’s the perfect amount of loose.  

I got this Mossimo top top in the geo print but it seems that print isn’t online anymore!  I remember seeing it there last week so it must’ve gone quick!  No surprise though since it’s this uber cool black and white geometric design with some florescent orange, wine, tan, and red thrown in.  The fit is great though and it’ll be great under a cardigan, blazer, jean jacket, or even by itself.  I found it and another Mossimo top on the 70% off rack.  I can’t find the second one online but it’s in the running to be my current most favorite shirt.  It’s a long, flowy, creamy white number with an aztec design in two colors of gray sequins on the front.  It had a lot of makeup along the neckline so I think maybe that’s why it was so discounted but that doesn’t scare me.  A toss in the wash and that’ll come right out!

Call me crazy but I am no stranger to wearing maternity tops when I’m not pregnant.  That’s why I bought this Liz Lange top:
16928981I have some faux leather leggings that I can’t wait to pair with it.  Without the baby belly, it just fits like a long tunic.  And did I mention how comfy it is?  I could sleep in it… 

And last but not least, I found this Mossimo jumpsuit and spent my whole monthly $20 on it.  I found it a month or two ago though on a different trip than I found the above tops on so hopefully you’ll still be able to find it in your store.  I love it because the legs are longggg and I have the worst time finding those in jumpsuits.  Usually I have to pull the crotch down to my knees for the bottom hem to graze my ankles.  Pity because I love jumpsuits.  I’m voting they stay in for a long while.

.           .           .

I hope you find some good (cheap) stuff!  Like I said above, some of the stuff I listed online might be cheaper in-store so GO!  Hop over and add to, swap out, and/or treat yourself!

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  1. I'm always a year behind on the trends, too - mostly because it takes me a year to get used to them!