House for Love

Or maybe it should be Bean In Six?  House in Love?  House for Six Beans?  Six Beans in One House that are having a giveaway?  Yes.  That works!  But, what I really mean is that Deme at House for Six and I have put our efforts together to bring you a fun giveaway from my shop, Bean In Love Studio.  If you don’t already follow along with Deme, you should.  If you like my blog, you’ll love hers even more.  She has an eye for beauty and every ‘after’ she debuts leaves me in awe because she throws things together that I would never have thought to throw together and gets decor perfection every time.

Right now, she’s doing a little make-over-ing in her master bedroom and she grabbed a lumbar pillow from my shop to waltz with her amazing headboard.  And, she just painted after getting her readers to weigh in on that tough decision.


Go see what color won out and which pillow is perched AND THEN, enter to win a pillow cover of your very own!  Fingers crossed


  1. sheena! love House for Six... but the links are not working. dern! thanks for sharing her blog, I googled.