39 Hours

That’s about how many hours we spent on the road last week visiting my family in Nebraska.  It’s also the number of hours the twins spent getting to know their car seats.  It was spring break so we decided to take the opportunity to make our way up for Easter, to introduce everyone to the twins, and then to attend my cousin’s wedding last weekend.  We made the trip from Alabama to Nebraska (and vice-versa) overnight, hoping the girls would sleep through most of the drive.  Lucky for us, they did.

roadtrip 001

On the way up, we stopped by my best friend’s house in St. Louis for breakfast before banking the last six hours.  The way back took us four hours longer than the way there due to more stopping to ease sore baby bottoms.  If I were to write up a “How to Survive a 16+ Hour Car Trip with 9-Month Old Twins”, it would include 1) a portable DVD player, played in 15 minute increments for maximum attention grabbing, 2) one parental unit sandwiched in-between babes in the backseat at most times, 3) overnight travel, 4) lots of annoying noise-making toys within tots’ reach at all times, and 5) just enough 5-10 minute stops to add a few hours to your already long drive.  And, if you were wondering (which you probably weren’t), we didn’t stop for feeding which means I got lots of practice in body contortion and hunching over strapped-in infants.  Lucky for me, I was smart enough to use my nursing cover to shield passers-by from feeding sessions.  I was under the impression during the drive to see my sister last year that our windows were tinted so I went about my merry way and nursed the girls while my other sister drove.  I found out months later that they are in fact NOT.  so. embarrassing.  I’m still praying I don’t find fame on YouTube because of it.  Aaanyway… 

Sunday circa 2:30 pm:
roadtrip 005roadtrip 007
So now that we’re home (but definitely not unpacked yet), it’s back to the regular blogging schedule starting tomorrow with a post all about Buzz Lightyear…ooor maybe just his infamous “To Infinity and Beyond!”  Hope to see you then!


  1. I am so impressed...39 hour car ride with 9 month old twins...check!
    So...you wanna hang out?

    1. BIG check...the car ride and hanging out! :)

  2. WOW! You go girl! I was impressed by our three hour road trip a few weeks ago. This makes that look like nothing! :o)