Happy Birthday Daddy!

It would be a big 5-5 for my dad this year!  He passed away suddenly when I was a junior in college and how I miss him so.  Even though he’s not physically here to celebrate another year, we’re over here celebrating him and all of the great memories he gave us.  I’m so sad the girls will never know their incredible Grandpa (in this life anyway), but I can’t wait to tell them stories of trampoline bouncing, boat driving, and even pass on his corny jokes and puns.  While we were “home” for Easter, we took the twins to see his grave and it was so special.  We were so close yet so far away.  Engraved in the marble of his headstone it says “Our hearts beat because yours beat first”.  Such a simple statement but so profound.  It’s true of my siblings and I and it’s true of my girls and I love that fact. 

9mo 017

Love you Daddy!  :)


  1. Praying for your family, Sheena!!! Your dad was one cool dude. :) And that picture is precious. :)

  2. Lauren AndersonFriday, April 19, 2013

    I feel the same way about my mom, who I lost in 2009. Our babies will know their grandparents one day. And what a fine day that will be. :) hope you and the kidss are doing great! Play date soon!

  3. so sweet! wow, I have no other words.