Bean Sprouts: 9 Months (& a Link-up)

It’s getting real folks – they’ve now spent more time outside the womb than they did inside.  Nine whole months.  That’s three months away from one year, in case you didn’t do the math.  Crazy.

9mo 020
[heavy cheeks make for a nice perma-frown]

Both girls are masters in the army crawl and thisclose to crawling which makes me thisssclose to making me want to pull my hair out every minute.  I’m coming to terms with the fact that there are 785 things in our house that are going to have to be stored away or padded or locked up for more mature ages lest they provide harmful circumstances involving two overly curious tots and also hampering my decor dreams…ugh.

  9mo 024
[blurry hand going in for the ear]

We’re still going strong catching waste in cloth diapers, breast feeding, and making our own baby food (courtesy of the Baby Brezza – the thing is all kinds of wonderful).  I know it all sounds very over-achieverish but I assure you, it’s not.  If we weren’t saving literally hundreds of dollars doing each, I’m not sure the first statement would be true…

9mo 027

We’ve had several nights of eight plus hours of sleep which has been no less than amazing.  I’m pretty sure I can thank solid food for that.  Both girls are still skilled in synchronized napping – the one thing I’m adamant about – and saw logs twice a day.  Everyone wonders how I pump out projects while raising twins, well, that’s how.  They’re fluent in “da-da” and Seraphia just started gibbering “ba-ba” which makes scratch my head since I’m the only “ba-ba” she’s had the fortune of drinking from…

.           .           .  

<<< Cecilia >>>
9mo 028stats

Still a big eater.  You know how they say to watch your baby’s signs when it comes to figuring out how much they’ll eat?  She screams exception.  She’ll eat it if it’s in her face, no stopping until it’s up and back out.  She still gets reeeally impatient and growls to show it when it’s not her turn for a spoonful of food.  Still no teeth.  Still the chunkier of the two (even though the margin is slimming).   Still spitting up like it’s her job (will I ever not be a living burp cloth?).  Still chillin’ like a villian.

9mo 018

Her hair in back is still a wee bit longer than that on top so I’m still a wee bit scared of dealing with a future mullet.  It’s starting to get an inherited wave in it too which could either bode good or bad for said mullet.  I have my scissors ready for any necessary adjustments.

<<< Seraphia >>>
9mo 022stats

Eater?  Only if it’s real smooth-like and a little sweet.  I purposely started veggies first hoping to ward off any picky-eaterisms but it obviously didn’t work with this one.  She’s a slow eater too.  Every meal is a dinner party to her – take a bite, socialize, take in surroundings, take another bite, socialize, etc…  It’s a little frustrating since I have to make sure she’s down with her food before Cecilia lest Cecilia throw a fit that the spoon isn’t coming in her direction. 

She’s still a little skinny-mini.  Her height, weight, and head-size rival that of her little sis’, but she’s super narrow from the neck down.  Her hairstyle screams “I’m  a boy”, making it mandatory that she don a headband in public.  She’s a mommy’s girl 100% and not fond of strangers.  We just found out she has torticollis – a slight tilt of the head due to one neck muscle being tighter than the other due to limited space in the womb due to Cecilia sprawling out in their uterine apartment.  (And we just thought she was always deep in thought…huh.)  A few stretches every day and she’ll hopefully be on the straight and narrow asap.

     9mo 003

9mo 012

 9mo 014 

Anyway, I’m sorry if these monthly posts are cringe-worthy and “hey, look at my kids”.  I love keeping track of how they grow and it’s especially helpful when keeping distant family up-to-date.  But, I know I don’t have the only cute kids out there so that’s why I’m going out on a limb here and hosting my first ever link-up!  What are your kids like?  What are their quirks?  What did they inherit from you and what did they definitely not inherit from you?  What makes you swoon over them and what makes you want to post them on Craigslist?  I want to know personalities…they all have them!  Write and link because I can’t wait to read.  If you don’t have a blog, leave a rambling comment below or on Bean In Love’s Facebook page!  Or, if you don’t have kids yet, write about what you’re hoping they’ll inherit from you OR just humor us moms and write about how glorious it is to be able to be spontaneous and how you’re lucky enough to wear shirts more than once before they get tossed in the dirty pile or about how good margaritas taste or how awesome your two-door sporty is……………

.           .           .

I’m off to get the diy ball rolling again with a frame collage I’ve got laid out on the guestroom floor and a diy sunburst mirror in the works.  My hands are itchin’ to hold a spray paint can again so I’m thinking today might be the day for that.  Keep on the look-out for a post about my sweaters-to-cardigans Saturday, assuming I see through this almost-crawling-and-getting-into-everything stage to the end of the week…

P.S.  Guess who just got a smartphone?!  Meee!  Instagram is about to get a little more busy.  :)


  1. As I was reading this cute post, I was thinking about how I haven't blogged in a week and how I want to but need some motivation and then I read the part about your thank you mama bean for that little push, I will be joining you soon!

  2. I am just now seeing this because my youngest dipped my smart phone in the toilet this week... BaBa was pretty much the first thing all of my kids said! It actually means something akin to "daddy" in Arabic (my father in law is Egyptian, that's how I know such stuff), and that's what my kids call Joe.

    Your little ladies are too precious!

  3. Those pics of them in the crib together are so adorable! Ah, they are so cute!!!

  4. Convenient, I just finally finished a 5-month post on my twins! Joining the party :)

  5. I linked a couple of recent posts- one for each kid. :)

  6. This is so cute! I love the picts. in the crib. :)

  7. Oh, funny! I do the same thing and do a monthly quirky update on each of my boys! It makes me feel better for not being a scrapbooker :) Your twins are just adorable. Oh my. I want to squeeze them!

    1. I love how you still do a monthly update on the older ones too!!!!! It is a great scrapbook of sorts!!!!!!

  8. The pictures of them playing together in the crib - priceless! They are just adorable! Why can't we be neighbors and have baby play dates/craft time all the time?!