Easter 2013

While I’m puttin’ back loads of leftovers and lots of cheesecake (on my seventh piece in four days), here’s some Easter pictures for you all to munch on.  I’m usually not a huge fan of photo dumps so I apologize to those of you who are bored out of your mind and I won’t hold it against you if you skip out.  I’m also not sure what the internet access situation will be this Saturday so I can’t promise a post but h0pefully this’ll hold you over until I can get some diy up.  I’ve got four completed projects – two cardigan makeovers, an easy diy infinity scarf, and a diy polka-dotted shirt – ready to be put into words and out onto the web with a click of a button so stay tuned next week.  It’s gonna be good, I promise.  :)

Until then, gaze upon the cutest grandparents ever:
 thrifted 019 

 thrifted 053

thrifted 054 

thrifted 059

thrifted 064

thrifted 071 

thrifted 049 

thrifted 110 

thrifted 027

Last but not least, a sneak peak of one of those new cardigans the scissors, sewing machine, and I cranked out last week:
thrifted 099

See you next week!


  1. Are those two younger women your mother's sisters??? Maybe??

  2. Sheena, those onesies (the pink and yellow) were my FAVORITE for Lucille!!! When she outgrew the 3 mos, I had to buy another set in 6 mos because I just couldn't deal with her not wearing them anymore!

    1. haha! they're my fave too!! such pretty colors!

  3. Love the pictures! Happy Easter! We miss y'all!

  4. Loved these! So cute! Love the girls with the football, haha.

  5. Love it! Can't wait for you to share some of your DIY magic this summer:)