Sweater to Cardigan: Round I

It’s Saturday night, 9:41, and I’m just now rolling in with the regular weekend excitement.  I would’ve been posted this morn but I traded blogging for catching up on Downton Abbey (I’m only finishing Season 2 so you daren’t spoil it for me).  I’m obsessed and because of it, the rest of this post will be written with an English accent.  :)

I spent a small tidbit of alone time at a thrift store recently where I found this sweater for $3:
[at ease soldier]

I’ve been craving some patterned cardigans recently and so I thought this sweater would make a great one with a few snips and stitches.  Here it is post-scissors:
stripedcardi 010
[apparently blurry, blinded, and wrinkled are in]

Worst ‘after’ picture ever.  I’m really awful at getting my picture taken when we’re talking modeling the clothes I’ve altered.  I’m all sorts of awkward and feel really self-centered and all that and I don’t know how to stand and and and…  Like I said, all sorts of awkward.  I guess I’ll get over it someday…maybe.

So, sweater to cardigan.  First, I turned the sweater inside-out, making sure it was nice and flat.   stripedcardi 001
Probably a highly unnecessary picture but just in case you’re in the mood for TMI.

Then I used a measuring tape to find the vertical midline and used a piece of wood.  (Don’t judge.  We have nary a yardstick.)
stripedcardi 002

…to draw a line down the center.
stripedcardi 003 

I cut down the line to give me a new cardigan with a funky collar…
stripedcardi 004

and thought maybe I’d stop there and start a new trend, the buttons were super cool anyway, right?  Sadly for me, I’m not the trend-setting type so off went the collar. stripedcardi 005

My loyalty lies in v-necks over crews so next I drew a large V (about 10 inches deep) and cut it out.stripedcardi 006

I’ve never sewn anything sweater-ish before so my amateur skills convinced me to quickly sew a zig-zag stitch along each cut end to prevent any fraying. stripedcardi 007

Then, I folded each edge over twice and sewed a straight stitch hem except for around the collar.  I cut off the sweater neck keeping it’s hem so all I had to do there was fold the collar edge over once and hem it.
stripedcardi 008

Last, I trimmed several inches off of each sleeve and hemmed their edges the same way, zig-zag, folding twice, and a straight stitch.

I might add some hook and loop closures just in case I want to close my new cardi, which probably won’t happen.  I like ‘em dangling open.  Some wood buttons might suit it as well.  I’ll be sure to give a button down if I decide to decorate more.  But, if that day never comes, I’ve got one more sweater-turned-cardi in my stash so stay tuned for more snipping and by golly, have a pleasant weekend!  :)

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