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Traveling and teething and increasingly mobile childrens and lots of other bad excuses have kept me from some projects I’ve been dying to tackle like three frame collages that need to go up on three different walls, an upholstered headboard, turning our new/thrifted coffee table into an ottoman, and lots more ideas waiting to be born.  I’m a pretty patient person except when it comes to matters of decorating and doing-it-myself.  I have a “need to make it happen now” attitude that is only hampered by the fact that harried runs to Lowe’s and other diy palaces is close to impossible with twins always at my side.  Hmmph, the life of a mother…absolutely, without-a-doubt wonderful and very, very good at teaching patience.  :) 

To make up for my lack, look what my sister-in-law Alicia and her hubs did to their dining chairs:saachairsb


Don’t they look incredible?  They reupholstered them just like we did our dining chairs awhile back.  Remove the seats, remove the old fabric, cut and staple on the new, put the seats back on and, BAM, your dining room gets all funky-cool just like that.  When she sent over the pictures, they were just enough to satisfy my diy-deprived heart until I can get a free naptime to do and do and do some more.

Speaking of naptimes, we’re in the midst of one right this moment which means that I probably should be taming my mane and finding something to wear for the Matt Maher, Chris August, and Bellarive concert we’re rockin’ to tonight!  With Lightning McQueen ear plugs in each canal (courtesy of Lauren), it’ll be the twins first-ever concert!  I’m pumped and the twins are too…I think.  I hope your night is as great as mine even though, if you’re not going to the concert, chances are it won’t be.  Juuust teasing.  Or not…  :)

Hope to see you tomorrow!  I’ll be the one in the polka-dotted shirt!  :) 

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