Tighty Whities

Short, simple, and long overdue is this post.  You see, when I was pregnant a few, several, couple of months ago and I still had the option of taking leisurely strolls to Goodwill and dabbling amongst its treasures, I found and happily purchased a super-nice pair of Gap maternity pants – white, wide leg, $5, and too big.  But, my best inanimate friend and I got on the ball and took those babies right in.

whtpntrf   Never mind the fact that in the ‘after’ picture a good ironing was needed (show me how to handle a burning hot chunk of metal whilst carrying most precious cargo and I’ll do it) and my head and feet were cut off  (only time for one tripod shot people, take it as it is) AND I’m obviously not pregnant and rocking maternity pants just for the sake of show-and-tell AND just so you know, I’m not afraid of wearing these babies post-pregnancy anyway so get over it…a four inch stretchy comfort band is much more tummy-friendly and hearkening to beloved sweat pants than buttons and zippers any day of the week.  :)

Back to alterations though, I don’t remember if I took pictures of the process and I can’t find them if I did.  However, all I did was get out one of my fave pairs of maternity skinny jeans, lay them on top of the wide maternities to use as a template lining the two pants up along the outside leg seams, drew a dashed line, and sewed along said dashed line.  I got this invaluable knowledge some time ago from Grace and here is another helpful tutorial since I’m obviously lacking in that department.  Needless to say, I’m uber excited and on a turn-all-my-old-pants-into-skinnies kick so look for more to come including hot pink cords from my early college days (not sure if they were ever in but who knew they’d be in now and I’d just happen to still have mine).

.           .           .

Update:  Found those MIA pictures.  Not sure if they’re that helpful but they sure try and tell the story:june122012 446 june122012 447 

.           .           .

Also, in unfinished fashion, I’m planning on a nursery update post next week.  It’s not done by any means but it’s getting there.  Come read my plans (again) and give me an opinion or two on some indecision.

Have a fantastic weekend!

7 Quick Takes

Well hello Friday!  I decided to be extra ambitious this week and follow Jen and her cool crowd with 7 Quick Takes all my own!quick takesI’ve been wanting to jump on this bandwagon for awhile and finally climbed up.  I thought it’d be fun to do it in pictures and ‘by the number’ this week and hope I can snap away each week from here on out but we’ll see what the twins think!  Cheers to having three month olds control your life!  :)

So, without further ado:  quick take 1

quick take 2

quick take 3

quick take 4

quick take 5 quick take 6

quick take 7


I’ll be back  tomorrow on the regular with a long overdue refashion!

Bean Sprouts: 2 Months

I know, I know.  I realize that the twins are almost 3 months old and a post about their second month is a tad late and a little overdue but you’ll see the reason I debated making it public below.  It used to be so easy to get weekly pictures while the dudettes were asleep but now sleeping comes with a “Do Not Disturb” sign lest they awaken and lovely chaos ensues.  So, it just follows to take pictures whilst awake, right?  Well, that’s what I thought…

Here are our beauties at their two month old photo shoot….the attempted version:

All was well at first.  They were happy and joyous.  We set Seraphia down and bam:sept122012 020  A little porcelain doll all our own.

Cecilia took the more dramatic path:c falling

After the ‘fall’ she just didn’t want to have anything else to do with the torture we were inflicting:sept122012 025

Fools, we tried a group picture:sept122012 026 And all he** broke loose.

Better luck at 3 months…

Fan Fail

So I’m all about unique light fixtures.  Classic, elegant, funky, chandeliers in non-dining areas and such.  What I’m not all about are ho-hum fans like this one in our guest bedroom:sept182012 014 

I’d much rather swap her out for a colorful chandelier or a cool semi-flush mount but when you live down in the deep, deep south, not having a fan in your bedroom is pretty much a free ticket to an all night sweat-fest paired with an angry, over-worked air conditioner.  Accepting this sad fact I actually hunted down these awhile ago.  However, they cost money this mama don’t have.   So, I make due by making up stuff.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, like in this little case.

Pushing our monster stroller through Tarjay the other day, I scoped out this super-clearanced light kit on an end rack – my go-to areas in the red circle store.  sept182012 018

Well, I took her home, took her out, and started to put her together…backwards because I preferred the white over the faux wood – unscrewed the light bulb of the above boring fan, and screwed it back on with a new undercarriage: sept182012 016

At first thought it looked a little too big but after a peeking in on it a few times it sorta grew on me. 

sept182012 015

But then I turned on the light…pretty in the picture below, not so pretty in person.  The plastic pieces were too thick in that they shielded most of the light and on top of that, the faux wood gave the minute amount of light that did come through an icky tinge of orange that would make any 70’s shag carpet jealous.sept182012 017

Head hung in defeat, I took her down, packed her back up, and got my six bucks back from Target.

Maybe next time…

Anyone else fix up their plain-jane fans with a new light kit?  Did it work?  Even though this fan rejected my idea, I did score in the nursery.  I’ll be sure to share in the next couple of weeks! 

Happy, happy weekend!

Baby Einstein

Well, my sanity is tops today thanks to the likes of Baby Einstein and YouTube.  I figured out a couple of weeks ago that Baby Einstein debuted on the famed video website while in a tizzy amongst two crying babes and desperate for anything that might calm the madness.  I just thought I’d experiment, thinking they were probably still too young to be interested in bright colors flashing across the television screen but how wrong I was…and how grateful to be wrong.  Even though they’re interest is only piqued for about 20 glorious, fuss-free minutes, that’s really all I need a couple times a day to recoup.  :) 

sept262012 002

Clearly they’re enamored… sept262012 003