Baby Einstein

Well, my sanity is tops today thanks to the likes of Baby Einstein and YouTube.  I figured out a couple of weeks ago that Baby Einstein debuted on the famed video website while in a tizzy amongst two crying babes and desperate for anything that might calm the madness.  I just thought I’d experiment, thinking they were probably still too young to be interested in bright colors flashing across the television screen but how wrong I was…and how grateful to be wrong.  Even though they’re interest is only piqued for about 20 glorious, fuss-free minutes, that’s really all I need a couple times a day to recoup.  :) 

sept262012 002

Clearly they’re enamored… sept262012 003


  1. I think God has reserved a special place in Heaven for Julie Clark and her family for creating Baby Einstein! My girls were past baby-dom by the time I heard about it, but Donovan LOVED the videos! It got so he'd turn his body around towards the TV the moment he heard that introductory few notes and the caterpillar blinking. Just dug out my disc (of illegally copied VHS tapes) when I babysat my great-nephew last week. Success!!!

  2. ^ What she said about Julie Clark. Bless her for giving me the opportunity to get a shower in upon occasion!!!!!!!
    That bottom pic is so cute!

  3. I guess baby Einstein is the new sesame street. LOL
    cute cute babies