Fan Fail

So I’m all about unique light fixtures.  Classic, elegant, funky, chandeliers in non-dining areas and such.  What I’m not all about are ho-hum fans like this one in our guest bedroom:sept182012 014 

I’d much rather swap her out for a colorful chandelier or a cool semi-flush mount but when you live down in the deep, deep south, not having a fan in your bedroom is pretty much a free ticket to an all night sweat-fest paired with an angry, over-worked air conditioner.  Accepting this sad fact I actually hunted down these awhile ago.  However, they cost money this mama don’t have.   So, I make due by making up stuff.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, like in this little case.

Pushing our monster stroller through Tarjay the other day, I scoped out this super-clearanced light kit on an end rack – my go-to areas in the red circle store.  sept182012 018

Well, I took her home, took her out, and started to put her together…backwards because I preferred the white over the faux wood – unscrewed the light bulb of the above boring fan, and screwed it back on with a new undercarriage: sept182012 016

At first thought it looked a little too big but after a peeking in on it a few times it sorta grew on me. 

sept182012 015

But then I turned on the light…pretty in the picture below, not so pretty in person.  The plastic pieces were too thick in that they shielded most of the light and on top of that, the faux wood gave the minute amount of light that did come through an icky tinge of orange that would make any 70’s shag carpet jealous.sept182012 017

Head hung in defeat, I took her down, packed her back up, and got my six bucks back from Target.

Maybe next time…

Anyone else fix up their plain-jane fans with a new light kit?  Did it work?  Even though this fan rejected my idea, I did score in the nursery.  I’ll be sure to share in the next couple of weeks! 

Happy, happy weekend!

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  1. Oh looked cool when it was off...I have yet to do lights over here. I am still waiting to find a good fixture for the kitchen. We currently have wires hanging down. Classaaaayyy. ;)

    Hope those lover doodles are doing well and letting you get some sleep:).