Tighty Whities

Short, simple, and long overdue is this post.  You see, when I was pregnant a few, several, couple of months ago and I still had the option of taking leisurely strolls to Goodwill and dabbling amongst its treasures, I found and happily purchased a super-nice pair of Gap maternity pants – white, wide leg, $5, and too big.  But, my best inanimate friend and I got on the ball and took those babies right in.

whtpntrf   Never mind the fact that in the ‘after’ picture a good ironing was needed (show me how to handle a burning hot chunk of metal whilst carrying most precious cargo and I’ll do it) and my head and feet were cut off  (only time for one tripod shot people, take it as it is) AND I’m obviously not pregnant and rocking maternity pants just for the sake of show-and-tell AND just so you know, I’m not afraid of wearing these babies post-pregnancy anyway so get over it…a four inch stretchy comfort band is much more tummy-friendly and hearkening to beloved sweat pants than buttons and zippers any day of the week.  :)

Back to alterations though, I don’t remember if I took pictures of the process and I can’t find them if I did.  However, all I did was get out one of my fave pairs of maternity skinny jeans, lay them on top of the wide maternities to use as a template lining the two pants up along the outside leg seams, drew a dashed line, and sewed along said dashed line.  I got this invaluable knowledge some time ago from Grace and here is another helpful tutorial since I’m obviously lacking in that department.  Needless to say, I’m uber excited and on a turn-all-my-old-pants-into-skinnies kick so look for more to come including hot pink cords from my early college days (not sure if they were ever in but who knew they’d be in now and I’d just happen to still have mine).

.           .           .

Update:  Found those MIA pictures.  Not sure if they’re that helpful but they sure try and tell the story:june122012 446 june122012 447 

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Also, in unfinished fashion, I’m planning on a nursery update post next week.  It’s not done by any means but it’s getting there.  Come read my plans (again) and give me an opinion or two on some indecision.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. What a great idea! I have sooo many too-big jeans I could do this to right now...

    Pinning as I speak! :)

  2. You and Grace make it sound so easy but I swear I would butcher the whole thing! They turned out sooo cute! And you look great!!!

  3. I wear full-panel maternity jeans every day - pregnant or not. They're my little secret. :) Can you tell me the brand and style of your favorite pair that you used as a template for the alteration? Also, I'm reading your blog in reverse-chronological order, and I'm hoping I'll find some DIY info on making regular pants into maternity pants. :)

    1. Maternity jeans are soooo much more comfortable anyway, no?...(she says as she sits in hers) :)
      My favorite pair was a hand-me-down from Old Navy and I don't see a style inside...they're full panel with an elastic band at the top of the panel and skinnies. My second favorite pair are from Gap and they're the always skinny style.
      Also, I wish I could tell you I had the guts to turn a pair of non-maternity jeans into maternity but I'm not quite that brave yet...maybe the next pregnancy. :)