Sister Rally

Thought I was hard at work in the nursery this week, dincha?  Nope, nada, not a smidge because my sis came to see the twins and the four of us skipped town all the way to Florida to move in with our other sis and her little family for the week.  We did what six girls do best and had lots of fun, fun, fun.

Beller Girls 300 cropped 

We set the cousins loose on each other and let the bonding begin:7The day before we left, Claire (blondie in case you’re unsure who’s who) finally almost got down “baba” for “babies” rather than the “dada” she had been using to refer and repeatedly wave at them.  They bared their toothless grins at her even so.  :)

We paid a visit to Farrah’s fave thrift store where we each came out with some great seconds.  I scored this huge round mirror for 8 bucks:Beller Girls2Once I get my DIY tentacles on it, it’s former self will be long gone but that’s a ‘reflection’ for another day.

We also put the childrens through an hour long hunt through the treasured clearance racks at Target where I walked out with not one, but two more pairs of colored jeans (dark green and mint, in case you’re wondering)…I think I’m addicted.  Anybody else like their lower extremities screaming bright, bold colors?  Anybody else just plain addicted to Target?Beller Girls 293

We also engaged in an extremely hilarious, pee-your-pants-laughing episode reading Raquel’s diaries out loud.  In a nutshell, she hated my guts as a child, only kind-of hated Farrah’s, was in love with a few lucky boys (referring to herself a few times as Mrs. ‘insert-crush’s-last-name’), wrote to dear diary like dear diary was an actual person, and wore a couple of my rings to school one day back in ‘93 and left them there, very unbeknownst to mwah.  However, she did ask dear diary “What should I do?”  It’s unknown if a response was ever given.  (Sorry Rock.  Am I sharing too much?  I just can’t help myself!)2

Then of course we dove into a few projects like making a custom dress form for Farrah out of duck tape.  She’s sure to give you the scoop but here’s a glimpse:dress formBeller Girls 220 (Face mask worn to guard a sensitive nose from the not so sensitive smell of Dollar Store duck tape.)

And then there’s the time when we concocted a face mask goo along with teeth whitening solution (equal parts baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water apparently) and added to the two the strict placement of some cucumber slices, and thennnn broke out the camera to get this:face We’re crazy and we know it.  :)

Well, the week flew by and before we knew it we were saying our goodbye’s and hitting the road home when we spotted a helicopter on the highway.  Look: 3


And that’s that.  But, me being me, you’re not getting away without some home-related eye candy I spied.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my sister is one of the most creative people I know and her home is full of the stuff.  Her and Patrick’s little abode is so bright and cheery that I couldn’t resist snapping a couple pictures of it. 

One of the coolest areas of their house is their stairwell, where they smartly put up these shelves, one side resting on a bracket and the other on the slant of the wall.  So pretty, right?Beller Girls2 004

And then there’s the perfect for fall bunting Farrah made with some burlap and twine and hung over a large mirror in their living room.  Love it and just might have to copy it.   Beller Girls2 002 

.           .           .

For me it’s back to the grinding stone, where there’s a big nursery project waiting to be completed!  I hope everyone had as great of a week as I did and an even better weekend!  I’ve got some three months pictures of the tots to share this week and hopefully some quick takes to squeeze in on Friday so keep in touch!



  1. I LOVED this post--the pictures are great (I especially love the cute pix from Farrah's house!), and I enjoyed reading about the fun you girls had together.

    Two bonuses: 1) I love the new look of your blog
    2) Followed your link to Farrah's blog--thanks!

    1. thanks tracy!! we made some good memories! so glad you've meandered over to farrah's blog! she's such a great blogger!

  2. So glad you guys had a great time.....sister time is so special - at any age! Take care....
    Aunt Sue