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7 Quick Takes

Happy Friday!  It’s that time again!

quick takes

I’m stealing a few takes from last week since I missed out and because they’re too good not to!  Go to Jen’s digital abode for more!   



3 (Never seen that commercial?  See it here.)


In honor of All Saints’ Day yesterday, I give you glimpses of our girls namesakes (inspired by Claire’s Fairy Tale Friday photo ops):nov12012 023The name Veronica means ‘true icon’ and was given to Seraphia, who wiped the face of Jesus during His Passion.  Read more about her here and here.  For prayers to St. Veronica, go here.  (St. Veronica image from here.) 

nov12012 024 To read more about my awesome Confirmation saint, go here.  For a novena to her, go here.  (Image of St. Cecilia from here.)

Copy of nov12012 001

7 Quick Takes

Yay!  This is fun!  Joining Jen again for…quick takes

.           .           .

quick takes 024 quick take 2 quick take 3 quick take 4 quick take 5 quick take 6 quick take 7

7 Quick Takes

Well hello Friday!  I decided to be extra ambitious this week and follow Jen and her cool crowd with 7 Quick Takes all my own!quick takesI’ve been wanting to jump on this bandwagon for awhile and finally climbed up.  I thought it’d be fun to do it in pictures and ‘by the number’ this week and hope I can snap away each week from here on out but we’ll see what the twins think!  Cheers to having three month olds control your life!  :)

So, without further ado:  quick take 1

quick take 2

quick take 3

quick take 4

quick take 5 quick take 6

quick take 7


I’ll be back  tomorrow on the regular with a long overdue refashion!