Nice and Clean Clean

Well I celebrated the entrance of trimester dos of this pregnancy by snatching up a wonderful stomach bug (possible food poisoning?) which left me lurching over a bucket at the beginning of this week.  It was great and made the nausea I experienced during the first trimester seem trivial and minute.  I know it wasn’t pregnancy-related, but I truly empathize and am so sorry for all you women who have nausea enough to make you throw-up during pregnancy.  I wouldn’t wish that upon even my worst enemies.  Yuck, yuck, yuck! 

Anyway, on to bigger and better things now that I’m back to my usual self…Praise God.  I washed the kitchen rug!!!  It’s still just as snazzy as it was before it’s washing too!

Here’s what it looked like in the few days after I painted it:
(taken from the original posts – patterned side and striped side)

And here’s what it looks like now, after it’s first wash:

The only difference, except it being much cleaner, is that the washing fluffed up the fibers a bit causing the stripes to appear aittle lighter.  To avoid this next time, I’ll probably pre-wash any rug I’m planning on painting first so that it’s nice and fluffy when the paint goes on.  That way, the paint will hit every fiber while it’s at it’s perkiest.

Since it’s made of cotton, all I did was throw it in our washer on a warm cycle with some regular old detergent (Era in case you want all the deets) and let it air dry.  Easy peasy.

Anyway, I’m hoping to check in tomorrow with progress on the next project.  It involves a filing cabinet and some spray paint.  Fun stuff as usual!  TGIF!!!!!


  1. How great to know that the rug is pretty and practical. It looks gorgeous!