Going .com

Goodbye .blogspot.com and hello plain ‘ole .com!  If I’m going to do this whole blogging thing, I’m really going to do it and for one thing that means going dot com.  In my mind, it makes our little blog here a little more official and makes us/me a little more motivated to keep it updated on the regular.

I’ve been researching a teeninsy bit about going .com for a few months now and everything I’d start reading about doing so made me a little nervous about taking the step because it all seemed way beyond my web knowledge.  Well, then I found this little sweet spot of info from Spice Up Your Blog.  What’s awesome is that they included a little video in the post they wrote on going .com with Blogger that walks you through the super-simple process.  After going step-by-step with the video, we were up and running in 15 minutes and all I had to do was click a few buttons.  It’ll cost us $10 a year to have our own domain which is just perfect for this cheapo and her fam. 

If you’re blogging with a platform other than Blogger or if the domain name you want is already taken, this tutorial unfortunately won’t work for you.  Sorry.  We originally wanted to go with beaninlove.com but somebody’s got it and it would’ve cost us at least $60 to get GoDaddy.com to research who and possibly obtain it for us.  No thanks.  Adding “blog” to the end of our domain didn’t bother us a bit even though Blogger was kind enough to offer these options:
Well gee thanks but I’ll leave legumes for the next bean and I’d rather dance with love than hate so beaninloveblog.com is just peachy.

Anyway, I had planned on revealing the freshly painted nursery dresser to y’all today but it’s not quite done.  It is painted but, after a few minor happenings, needs a little buffing and one more coat.  I’ll have it and a little tutorial on it up this week, promise.  Hope to see you then! 


  1. HA! Those recommendations are hilarious!

  2. Oh my word, those are hilarious. I think my favorite is "stalkinlove". Priceless!

  3. I know I should go watch the video first, but I have a couple of questions! Can you continue to edit in Blogger? And if someone types in your old address, does it redirect to here? What about your followers, do you get to keep them?

  4. Oh my goodness, legumeinlove and beaninpassion are my favorites.

    Yay for the .com!

  5. legumeinlove - hilarious! We just did this and it was so easy. Love all your site updates and I'm dying over the insta-sneak peaks of the girls' dresser!!