What I Wore Sunday – Got the Blues

I found this blue maxi skirt at Dirt Cheap this past fall and couldn’t resist shelling out the $5 needed to bring it home with me.  The only issue, easily resolved, was that it was an XXL.
photo (3)
  Well, my trusty sewing machine and I finally got down to work on it a couple of weeks ago.

I had two options of shrinking this baby down.  One was taking a few inches off one side which might’ve made it a little too tight and hard to walk in and we all know what happens, or could happen, to a mother of multiples wearing a long skirt she can’t walk in while carrying those tots.  Get the picture?  Yeah, it’s not pretty. 

Instead, I simply cut off the existing elastic band, fabric and all, pinned and sewed a new hem, threaded the old elastic through the new hem, sewed the ends of the elastic together, and stitched up the remaining hole in the hem like so:
 wiws69 001 wiws69 002 wiws69 003
[Ummm, sorry about the awry finger…totally not intended.]
wiws69 005

So, the skirt is exactly the same width only a little more gathered than it’s XXL prequel. 

Here’s how I wore it to mass:
wiws69 006
Cardi:  Old Navy, old
Tank:  Walmart
Maxi:  Dirt Cheap (Target by Mossimo)
Belt:  Vanity
Linking this one up with Fine Linen and Purple, as usual!

And, I’m usually not one of those moms (which is totally cool, just not me), but I squeezed the girls into these dresses-now-shirts one last time so we could have one of those matching moments.
wiws69 064 
First time and probably last time but it sure was fun.

Oh, and little did I know the maxi skirt club was meeting tonight so I got a friend to snap a little pic of that gathering.
photo (2) 
It’s Lindsey, mwah, S, and Emily…eight sets of legs with only one set to be seen.


So that’s that.  In case you’re wondering, here’s the progress of the dresser drawers:
wiws69 065 
They’d be done if it weren’t for a slight mishap involving a magazine page and the wind (second drawer from the bottom).  There’ll be a little buffing and one more coat of the best spray paint I’ve ever used and then it’s up and at ‘em for all to see!  I can’t wait!

.           .           .

In other news, we got to see the bean in the oven via ultrasound this week.  A cutie already and if I could guess by how fast it looked like it’s heart was beating, I’d say another girl is present but we’ll see!  The old wives tales of heart beats hold no water in science but it’s fun to think they do, right?  It’s also fun to imagine who he/she will look more like, Cecilia or Seraphia, or maybe neither. 
Also, do you like hot and sour soup?  It’s my fave and I finally found and tried a recipe this week and it turned out awesome!  I will be sharing with you fellow Chinese eaters!  Also, I have all the details on how to paint images onto clothes using freezer paper!  That’s how we got the numbers onto our onsies/tees for #3’s announcement.  Fun stuff!  And last, I’m so thankful we’re expecting but so bummed that the impending bump will keep me from getting into this swimsuit this summer that I recently found:
How cute is it?!  I’m obsessed and determined to snatch it up at year end for next year!

Have a great week everybody!  I'll be back before week’s end for more so I hope you will be too!


  1. I love your outfit. All of it. And I wish I had your sewing skills. But perhaps I can learn... :)

    1. Thanks Laura Rose!!! You can learn! I am very, very far from having any sort of real skill at sewing and am still learning! It's easier than you think! :)

  2. A maxi for $5? Jackpot! It's funny that you say you're not usually that mom- I'm not either, but frequently match one or both kids entirely by accident! haha!

  3. Oh man, I wish I could sew! That skirt is too cute. You look great!

    1. Thanks Jennie! And guess what?! You can sew! It's so much easier than you'd think! The hardest, most intimidating part for me was threading my machine! But, thanks to youtube, I got that down and some basic sewing lessons that got me off to a good start! :)

  4. You are awesome! So many projects going, two adorable little gals and baking one in the oven all at the same time!! Wow! :) I can not sew to save my life, so it's a good thing that (so far) life has never depended on it..

    Also, I am eagerly awaiting the hot and sour soup recipe. It's one of my favorite foods, always at the top of my craving list, and I swear helped me go into labor with both my boys :)

  5. Ahhhhh! Matching your little girls is so adorable! Also, many craftiness points for making that skirt work.

  6. Sheena,
    Did you leave a little bit of extra elastic in the skirt so as your "bean" gets bigger you can expand the skirt?
    You and the girls look great, by the way!
    Aunt Sue

    1. Hi Aunt Sue!!! :)
      I didn't leave any extra elastic but I made it loose enough that I'll hopefully be able to fit into it for the next six months. It might have to be worn under the belly with a long shirt over it in the latter months of this pregnancy but we shall see.