What I (We) Wore Sunday – On Repeat

It’s another outfit post…look out.  I’m still not sure what’s so fun about taking pictures of what I’m wearing and posting them for the world to see.  But, it is.  Maybe it’s the success of finding something “new” to wear from old clothes.  I don’t know.  I usually try to include an alteration but my alteration of the week is in the laundry.  It’s a maxi skirt and it’ll be coming your way next week.  Wait for it…wait for it…

So back to the outfit selfies.  I love Fine Linen and Purple’s What I Wore Sunday link-up because it’s all about dressing up for the Big Man.  Growing up we always dressed up for Sunday Mass (a rule in our house) and, while I know God doesn’t really care about what you’re wearing (unless it’s inappropriate in which case I think He does care because He loves you and wants you to respect yourself – whole ‘nother convo, whole ‘nother day), it’s important to me to forgo the norm yoga pants/t-shirt combo and put a little pep in my normal mundane step for Him.  Soooo, back to business.

Here’s what I wore yesterday:
 wiws62 017 
What?  It’s the same thing as the last WIWS post?  Pshaw.
If you wanna know but you probably don’t:
Top:  Thrifted (altered)
Sweater/Cardi:  Callie’s Closet (as in, my friend Callie was purging and gave me two bags full of clothes and this was in one of ‘em)
Skinnies:  Tarjay
Pointy Toes:  Famous Footwear (I think?)  from back in my college days

And, BONUS!  I roped in a couple of my cutest-ever homies to participate.  I don’t think they fully knew what they were getting themselves into but look, here they are:

We’ll call them Linda and Bessie…I’ll keep they’re real names secret in case any stalkers emerge cause they’re that cute.

Lindsey (left)…I mean, Linda… -  her cardi is from AT Loft, her tank from Old Navy and very old therefore very short and in which case her skirt from Target pulled up high came to the rescue (so smart that girl).  You would never know!  All is bottomed-off with super-stylin Lucky shoes from Belk.

And Blakely (right)…uh, Bessie…is totally hobo-chic in her cardi from Anthropologie, top from Academy, BCBG skirt from Dilliards, and Converses covering up some super-cool wool socks that I can’t even remember the name of but which remind me that I need to ask her why the heck she was wearing wool socks when it was 1000 degrees outside.  Also, can you believe this is her second outfit?  She spilled something or other on the first and so put this together quick.  My second outfit is usually on because a spit-up incident and is always way not-cute because I don’t have the motivation to try again…

Envious?  You know you are.  I wish I could throw on outfits half that good.    Teach me your ways girls, teach me your ways.

Oh look!  It’s the three of us:
(Something’s off about this pic but I can’t quite put my shoe on it…….)

Per the usual, I’m linking the three of us up at Fine Linen and Purple.

.           .           .

P to the S – Did you notice we’re a for real .COM now?  We are!  -beaninloveblog.com-  Super, super easy process.  I’ll spill the deets on that diy later this week!

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  1. Love it, love it all, Sheena! And you gave me some smiles : )