Bear E-Hugs

You guys!  This might read so darn cheesy but I’m gonna write it anyway – BIG E-HUGS to you all!  Our stamped rug got the honor of being featured yesterday at one of my favorite blogs, not to mention one of theee most amazing blogs on the planet – Young House Love – and my heart melted the entire day through with all the sweet comments on their feature post and on our post and in our inbox.  You guys rock! 

The feature couldn’t have come on a better day than yesterday as I was home alone alllll day into the night with the young’ns (two teething babes, one extremely fussy and kickin’ her act up terrible-two’s style, more #2 diapers than I cared to change, the song-o-the day was a little v-tech diddy…you know the mom drill) while my hubs was on a “business trip” to Six Flags with his youth group.  As I wiped away excrement I could hear the excited screams haunting me from super-fast roller coasters and the smell of caramel apples filled my…ok, so maybe I was being a little dramatic and woe-is-me but, the feature chased any thoughts of some far away theme park right out my head.

So, once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Y’all are the best!  


  1. Congrats on the feature! What fun (and a great project)!

  2. you da bomb. I've been there -- I mean minus the twins thing -- but bleh.

    YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!! Revel revel and revel some mo!!!

  3. So awesome! Congrats! You really are so talented.

  4. Congratulations! So proud of and happy for you! Keep soaking it up :)

  5. I found you on YHL and clicked over—your blog is wonderful! Adding you to my Feedly right now :)

    1. First comment of my day and it made my day!!! Thanks for coming over!! :)