Blogger, me? I suppose so although lately the last thing I feel like doing is making things and painting things and then writing about the whole process-shmocess lest this damn (you know I'm serious when I utter one of "those" words) nausea, tummy-ache, whatever it is, plague me like it does starting around noon each day and coming to a nice head around nine at night. Morning sickness? Nope. My sickness is afternoon and night and basically during all times of the day when I could get something done because that's when nap times and bedtimes fall. Woe is me. I could write about the fact that yesterday was the first day I actually got dressed and let my hair down in days or I could write about how we're finally starting to purge away some of our "double" baby paraphernalia. You might love to know that Cecilia's taken to playing hide-and-seek behind any and all curtains she can reach in this house which has led to two (so far) curtain rods being almost pulled down. I know you're dying to know that we deeeep cleaned our living room this weekend and after that I didn't have the energy to do what I wanted to do which was spray paint a filing cabinet. Let's just hope that happens tomorrow however if I don't get started at the crack of dawn, I know it won't. Ugh, I thought first-trimester woes were supposed to stay in the first trimester. 

Anyway, I could complain to you all all day in some sing-songy writing but I'll stop and just tell you that I'm sorry if my blogging presence is a little limited for the next few weeks (dare I say, I can't). I loved pregnancy with the twins and with this little one, well, I can't wait until he/she is here because my paint brush called and it'd really like a dip. Bear with me folks. I'll be back in the swing of things as soon as I possibly can. I've got a to-do list as long as a mile and I'm bound and determined to make some check marks. Until then, feast your eyes upon those which are driving me crazy and fall in love all at the same time: 

(P.S. Sorry the video is sideways...I'm too tired to figure out how to rotate it.)


  1. Sheena,

    Holy crap that was CUTE! Those babies are precious!

    My sister had twins ten years ago. They're little men now, but I'll never forget the baby days. It was unbelievably, fun, chaotic, heartwarming, exhausting and AMAZING!


    1. :) They are, they are! I love all those words you used to describe those crazy baby days! Every single one rings so very true!!

  2. Oh Sheena, I feel your pain! I used to get so much done at night, but, no more! It can be very demoralizing if one dwells on it! Hang in there!