Matchy Matchy

If you missed Monday’s post on the twins’ scarves, the title of this here post will go zooming right over your pretty head.

Let’s talk coincidence.  A couple of days after I found the fabric for those scarves, I was out on the same thrift store run which landed me these black crops, and stumbled upon this:
 photo 1
Three bucks, a little too big, and in perfect condition to meet my sewing machine.  I had to have it.  Me in this + the twins in their scarves = mother/daughter(s) harmony, no?  Plus, back when I altered this pink and orange top as a temporary maternity solution, Tracy commented wondering if the same process would work on a long sleeve number.  Spoiler alert:  It does.  Go snatch up those too big tops Tracy!!  :)

The sleeves were a little baggy for my liking so all I did was take an inch off of them and continued on down the shirt until the bottom of the bust.  The white lines in the picture below show where I stitched.   plaidbuttondown 001
(Side note:  If you’re taking in a shirt in which the sleeves do fit, all you’d need to do is sew along the existing sleeve hem a little ways and then down.)  I didn’t trim off the excess fabric in case I want to take it in a little more post (post post post) pregnancy but if you’re looking to do the same to a top and stamp it solely maternity, all you have to do is snip off the excess with a pinking shears and you’re good to go.  (Add a zig-zag stitch along your straight stitch for extra fraying protection.  Taking a serger to your ends would be even better.)

After you’re finished you’ll have a pleat on the side of your shirt where your sewing ends.  photo 2

As I was putting the finished shirt on to snap some ‘afters’, I noticed some buttons going up to the neckline without corresponding button holes.  Is that a trend these days that I’m not aware of?plaidbuttondown 002
And then I noticed the designer was no other than Miley Cyrus.  Maybe it was a mistake but it seems to me like all that twerking is shaking up more than her little rear…  Either way, if sex appeal exists in adding a few buttons that have to be left unbuttoned then I’ll take a rain check for never.  A seam ripper later and they’re gone.

Me, all buttons with a hole home, and zee backyard:plaiddown
Maternity Jeans:  Grace’s closet via Old Navy
Boots:  Merona Kadens via Target (a last year $11 clearance find)

Hasta la vista.  I’m off to think about changing my #ootd ('”outfit of the day” apparently).  :)

To Infinity…

And technically there is no such thing as beyond that because, well, it’s infinity.  So, sorry Buzz.  Better luck next sequel.

Sorry, was that a bad intro?  I tried as hard as I could to think of some pun with the word plaid but the only thing I could come up with was something like “They Got Plaid” (you know, like “They Got Played”), but considering I’m pulling the two tots into this post, it seemed a little off kilter.  Toy Story seemed the right road to travel.  :) 

“Let’s get to the point here, Bean, Legume…whatever you call yourself”.  Right.  Specifically, this:plaid scarves graphic 

I was at our local Hancock Fabrics a couple of weeks ago getting something or other that I needed when I strolled past their remnants basket and spotted this plaid, flannel remnant:plaid scarves 001

It was nice and soft and I had been wanting to make some scarves for the girls (and plaid is “in”, right?), so I snatched it up.  It was marked down at $2 a yard and the remnant was a smidge over half a yard; the perfect amount for two little scarves. 

So first things first, I cut it in half so that I had two pieces measuring 20 in. x 29 in. each.   plaid scarves 002

Then I sewed it into a circle/tube.  If you make your own, here’s where to sew (iron-on tape would work too!):plaid scarves 003

To get a seamless-looking connection where the two sides would be sewn together I first lined up the edges, folded one over the other, folded once more, and pinned the seam in place before sewing together.  Here’s a step-by-step guide:plaid fold 
Make sure you only pin the seam though!  You might have to put your hand in between the two layers of fabric (down the tube) to make sure you’re only getting the seam and not the seam plus the other side of your tube of fabric.

Last, stitch down the seam, cut the excess strings, and you’ve got yourself an infinity scarf in a matter of minutes.  Just a few side notes:  I didn’t measure the girls’ heads or necks to figure out how big around I wanted the scarves before I started so they’re a little on the loose side.  I probably could’ve made them a little shorter around for a more snug fit by cutting the initial rectangle to 22-3 in. x 20 in. instead).  Also, if you make your own tot an infinity scarf, I’d play it safe and make it so that it just fits right over their little noggin’ once without looping it over again.  If you make it loose enough to be doubled up, I’d be afraid they’d either pull on or get one loop stuck on something and risk the other getting too tight around their neck.  On the bright side however, this is the first article of clothing/accessory I can share with my girls because the scarves fit me perfectly.  :) 

And that’s that.  But what would any tutorial be without some cute after shots?  Get a load of these two:    plaids  plaidcarvesplaidc 

They LOVE being outside and this southern weather is perfect for granting them that wish.  Sun, leaves, dirt, sand…they’ll take it. 

plaid scarves 023
[Unbuttoned onesies >> Carters, Jeggings >> thrifted Garanimals (C) & Carters (S), Boots >> Target, Headbands >> homemade]

.          .           .

Stay tuned though for there is more plaid to come and it involves one growing baby bump.  AND for all of you that know via Instagram that the ottoman is DONE (finally!), I’m working on getting that very detailed tutorial worded and up but it probably won’t be until next Monday.  If you haven’t seen the sneak peek, you can catch a glimpse here.

Have a good Monday folks!

plaid scarves 010

All You Need Is A Scissors

>>> If you can today, try and offer up some prayers for all of the sweet, suffering people affected by the monstrous typhoon in the Philippines.  I was on Facebook last night and scrolled across a photo taken of a father carrying his little girl, who looked to be no more than four, lifeless, to a morgue.  It broke my heart.  I could only stare at it for a second before I had to look away.  It would’ve affected me had I seen it before I had my own three little angels, but having them now and imagining going through a similar fate…I just can’t fathom the thought.  Pray for all of these poor people and all of those who have died or lost a loved one(s).  They need it so desperately. <<<

This quick alteration isn’t really “maternity” since it has nothing to do with making something maternity or changing something that is meant to accommodate a baby belly but it’s worth sharing because I know a lot of people don’t know how to sew and sometimes you don’t need a sewing machine to alter an article of clothing, just a scissors.

So, this dress:
(Once again, this is a post filled with phone pictures…sorry they’re a little on the fuzz ball side.  I took the above still and sent it to my sisters to ask their advice on the whole ensemble.  Wasn’t sure about the black wedges…  Would’ve gone with cognac boots but with 75 degree weather, the tights were even a stretch.  Boots would’ve given me more looks and a sweat glow.)

I wore it to church a couple of Sundays ago.  It’s a short-sleeved, shift dress my mom sent me a few months ago; she’s been holding onto it since I was in high school and thought I might like to have it back.  It’s been sitting in my alterations pile because the sleeves and neckline need a little trimming before I don it in public but I pulled it out and lo and behold, it fit quite nicely over the burgeoning belly and didn’t look all that bad with a cardigan over it.  So, I wore it.  But, only after a quick little alteration (even though it wasn’t seen).  I cut the elastic gathering/ruffle off the sleeves right at the point where it met the actual sleeve.  By cutting it off before the place it was stitched to the sleeve, I didn’t have to hem it because the existing seam held everything together.  See?
nosew8 nosew3 nosew4nosew2  photo 4
I’m still planning on making the sleeves fitted and getting that same ruffle off the neckline, but for now it looks ten times better to me.  Less high school-ish and more mom/30 year old-esque – always a good goal for those of us at this stage in the game.  :)

And a bonus bump picture.  This was at 32 weeks.  He’s a growing and my hips and back are stiff and aching, things I really didn’t experience with the twins’ pregnancy.  Go figure. 

Goedeker’s Blog Interview

Hey all!  Happy Tuesday!  I wanted to let you know I’m over at Goedeker’s blog today answering a few interview questions!  You might remember that we purchased all of our GE kitchen appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, over-the-range microwave, and stove/oven combo) there a few years ago and saved $500 (compared to buying them from a big box store).

kitchenmint 006 

  I wrote up a review on our buying experience here.  Our appliances are still going strong and we’ll definitely be Goedeker’s customers for the long haul.  If you’re needing new appliances (or lighting, furniture, sinks, or lots of other home improvement items!), you should really check them out!  Also, I love that they proudly proclaim their belief in Christian values and the strength of the family.  How awesome is that?  They’re also closed on Sundays their philosophy is “We believe everything we do should be for the greater glory of God. Our priority is to serve our fellow man to the best of our ability. We want our customers to see Christ in us and in everything we do.”  What a great company to give your business to!

If It Floods, I’ll Be In Black

Happy Monday errrbody!  How was your weekend?  Ours was nice and relaxing which is awesome, but we didn’t get anything done that we wanted to, like the ottoman (but I did get foam for it).  A story some or all of you are all too familiar with, huh?  But, it’s ok.  All in good time. 

So, before I get to the good stuff, let’s talk about my computer.  It literally (and I mean the for real “literally”…not just throwing that word out there on this one) takes my computer (Anthony’s college laptop) five minutes to start and reach the home screen whereupon it takes it another five minutes to connect with our camera, read the pictures, download the ones I want, and move them to where I want them.  A few minutes later, it’s finally pulled up Windows Live Writer so I can start putting my thoughts down on screen while I’m wrestling with it to open the internet (it takes at least five clicks into the icon, opening and closing until it decides there’s really no “error in opening the internet”.)  By that time I’ve just lost the will to bother after waiting for eternity to pass and naptime is slowly slipping away.  That’s the only time these days that I can open it up because it’s battery is beyond dead and it only lights up when plugged in but can’t be plugged in when the girls are up because they take the long, black cord for a toy and yadda, yadda, yadda…    Here’s hoping SANTA brings me a brand new laptop for Jesus’ birthday…pretty please ‘Ole Red Suit, pretty please!  So, coming full circle and back to the point of this complaining rant, can anyone recommend a good laptop?  Something you use and has treated you well? I’m a die-hard consumer reports reader so I’ll be checking them out too but what do you use and do you like it?  I’m a simple person and don’t need lots of bells and whistles.  Just something that let’s me type away and go online and that sort of thing.  Our budget is $500, no more and preferably less.  Spill the technical deets and help a girl out!

Ok, now that that’s off my chest and onto yours…I have this large pile of maternity clothing waiting in my alterations pile and with only seven weeks left until baby boy makes his debut, I realized this past week that maybe I should get on the ball and pull out the sewing machine.  I’m going to go all crazy (and probably curse myself later) and aim to get one piece done per day.  I’ve already got four finished pieces in my stash thanks to a little extra me time this past week so really that shouldn’t be too hard.  So, pardon the temporary deviation from home DIY as I plow through some fashion DIY. 

A pair of black crops are the first to get some tucking.  I had a split-second break down a couple of weeks ago trying to find something decent and dressy enough to wear to church.  My legs hadn’t seen a razor in a couple of weeks (don’t tell me I’m not the only one) so a dress was out of the question.  I realized I had zero pairs of maternity dress pants and my black belly band is MIA at the moment…not to mention that I’m carrying really low so belly banding any of my nonpregnancy pants is almost impossible these days lest I rip through a zipper.  So, while Anthony was home with the girls this past week I went thrifting and found a few pairs of maternity dress pants to alter.

These are from Motherhood Maternity and they’re uber stretchy and full panel.  Here’s what they looked like on pot belly here before the alter(c)ation:

They fit me until about mid-thigh, where they went all boot leg crop on me.  I used the same technique I used to take in these boot legs.  Since I only had to take in the legs, there wasn’t any messing with the panel or anything.  Here’s what they look like now:
I paired them with a maternity cowl neck, a black blazer, some faux suede pumps (all Target), a squint, and a hunch to my left for Mass yesterday morning.  And I don’t know why my hair look so dark in this picture but did you notice I cut two inches off it?  No?  It’s ok, my hubs didn’t either.  Long is long is long, I guess. 

I actually wasn’t thrilled with how they turned out in the minutes after I got up from my sewing machine and tried them on.  The stretchiness kind of makes them feel cheap to me but after putting them on again yesterday morning before mass my heart was changed.  They’re the comfiest maternity pants I now own and I’ve fallen in love with them.  I put together a few other outfits with them for future reference when I’m crying on the closet floor with nothing to wear in the coming weeks:
Tunic/Dress (?):  Hand-me-down from me seesta
Boots:  Target (If you have slim calves like me, check out Target’s boots!  They’ve got a few pairs that aren’t as wide as most.)

Umm, maybe I’m the last to know but did you know that if you wear a sweater (or sweater vest…whatev) over an UNBUTTONED, non pregnancy button down, it totally works?!  Needless to say, the button down below is only buttoned at zee bust and hanging wiiiide open over the belly…but you’d never know, would you? 
Crazy.  Oh and I know, I really, really need to take those buttons off the sweater vest asap (should I just delete them period or replace them with some gold somethings?).  Either way, it’s from Gabriel Brothers and the blur is Cecilia emerging from a closet raid:

All of the impeccable photos in this post are courtesy of i. Phone.  It never fails to capture.  :)

Anyway, I’ve got some shorts, two dresses, and a plaid number ready to be blogged so here’s hoping I can crank out a few posts this week!  Stay tuned!!