Goedeker’s Blog Interview

Hey all!  Happy Tuesday!  I wanted to let you know I’m over at Goedeker’s blog today answering a few interview questions!  You might remember that we purchased all of our GE kitchen appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, over-the-range microwave, and stove/oven combo) there a few years ago and saved $500 (compared to buying them from a big box store).

kitchenmint 006 

  I wrote up a review on our buying experience here.  Our appliances are still going strong and we’ll definitely be Goedeker’s customers for the long haul.  If you’re needing new appliances (or lighting, furniture, sinks, or lots of other home improvement items!), you should really check them out!  Also, I love that they proudly proclaim their belief in Christian values and the strength of the family.  How awesome is that?  They’re also closed on Sundays their philosophy is “We believe everything we do should be for the greater glory of God. Our priority is to serve our fellow man to the best of our ability. We want our customers to see Christ in us and in everything we do.”  What a great company to give your business to!

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