Matchy Matchy

If you missed Monday’s post on the twins’ scarves, the title of this here post will go zooming right over your pretty head.

Let’s talk coincidence.  A couple of days after I found the fabric for those scarves, I was out on the same thrift store run which landed me these black crops, and stumbled upon this:
 photo 1
Three bucks, a little too big, and in perfect condition to meet my sewing machine.  I had to have it.  Me in this + the twins in their scarves = mother/daughter(s) harmony, no?  Plus, back when I altered this pink and orange top as a temporary maternity solution, Tracy commented wondering if the same process would work on a long sleeve number.  Spoiler alert:  It does.  Go snatch up those too big tops Tracy!!  :)

The sleeves were a little baggy for my liking so all I did was take an inch off of them and continued on down the shirt until the bottom of the bust.  The white lines in the picture below show where I stitched.   plaidbuttondown 001
(Side note:  If you’re taking in a shirt in which the sleeves do fit, all you’d need to do is sew along the existing sleeve hem a little ways and then down.)  I didn’t trim off the excess fabric in case I want to take it in a little more post (post post post) pregnancy but if you’re looking to do the same to a top and stamp it solely maternity, all you have to do is snip off the excess with a pinking shears and you’re good to go.  (Add a zig-zag stitch along your straight stitch for extra fraying protection.  Taking a serger to your ends would be even better.)

After you’re finished you’ll have a pleat on the side of your shirt where your sewing ends.  photo 2

As I was putting the finished shirt on to snap some ‘afters’, I noticed some buttons going up to the neckline without corresponding button holes.  Is that a trend these days that I’m not aware of?plaidbuttondown 002
And then I noticed the designer was no other than Miley Cyrus.  Maybe it was a mistake but it seems to me like all that twerking is shaking up more than her little rear…  Either way, if sex appeal exists in adding a few buttons that have to be left unbuttoned then I’ll take a rain check for never.  A seam ripper later and they’re gone.

Me, all buttons with a hole home, and zee backyard:plaiddown
Maternity Jeans:  Grace’s closet via Old Navy
Boots:  Merona Kadens via Target (a last year $11 clearance find)

Hasta la vista.  I’m off to think about changing my #ootd ('”outfit of the day” apparently).  :)


  1. Matching matching plaid squared! (hope you get the reference!) The shirt is so cute on you, now you just need a pic with you and the girls in their scarves!

  2. I love the matching! So so cute!

  3. Arg- I went to the fabric store, got some super cute flannel, and made my 20 month old a scarf... to which she said 'Nope' and pulled it off. Repeatedly!

    1. Haha! Little stinker! It's okay. S won't keep hers on either unless we're outside or somewhere where there are some major distractions.

  4. I LOVE it! You must do a photo shoot with you and the babes!

    I have 4yr old twin girls and I am dying to do this now!