Goldie Toes Jr.

Bethany made me do it.  Okay.  Maybe it was my own fault, especially since I’m now a repeat offender.  Paint, you guys.  It makes the old new and the new old and the boring fun.  Take for instance, these shoes:10686777_795591188170_4696237025952177932_nI bought both of them secondhand for $3.50 each awhile back.  So cute for cheap, right?  The pandas had the girls at hello but the pink?  The pom on the toe, while it was cute, needed to hop on the next plane back to Whoville….making these little shoes the perfect specimens for some cap toeing.

So, for starters, after I got the pom off the front of each (I just used a seam ripper), I gathered my supplies – a paint brush, some painters’ tape, and gold paint (I love my Martha metallic gold!). 
    photo 1 (12)

Then I taped off the fronts where I’d be painting the 2 (19)

Last, I painted the toe and ripped the tape off right after I was done, while the paint was still 3 (8)
(I went back in later and pulled out those leftover threads you can see in the above pic when I was done and touched up the paint.  Also, the paint I used dries a lot more metallic than it looks when it’s wet.)

The shoes have a strap, as you probably noticed, but the girls can get them on easier by themselves without using the strap and the shoes stay on great without it, so I ended up just cutting it out a few weeks ago. 

I did this one day in the five minute time span I have between giving the girls their lunch and them yelling “all done” (little bro was napping).  It was so simple!

photo 5 (6)
Top >> Kohl’s,  Cords >> Thrifted (Old Navy), Sweater >> mine from Rue 21 (XS on me, XL on her :p  ), Beanie >> mine  

I love them because they go with pretty much everything the girls own.  And did I mention that I painted these a few months ago?  I’m so behind on posts y’all.  Point is, they still look awesome and they’ve probably been worn over 30 times outside of the house on one twinkle toe or another.

photo 4 (10)

Soooo, any card-carrying shoe painters out there?  What about other random items?  Profess the power of paint!


  1. So dang cute. I honestly would have never thought to paint shoes before I saw them on blogs. Ingenious!

  2. So funny that you just posted on these...because earlier this week my husband and I were on a road trip and randomly he asked me how I got the idea to put glitter on Charlotte's shoes. So of course I had to tell him all about your blog:) Oh and by the way the glitter & modge podge is holding up great! That pink & gold is a FABULOUS combo. So pretty & sophisticated on those little feet:) Aren't you glad you did it again?

  3. Love them! And I love their sweater vests! Where did you get those?

    1. It's my sweater vest Jesse! It's a semi-crop so it fits her pretty darn good with the exception of some pretty big armholes but I bet if you didn't know it was mine, you'd never know it wasn't hers! I only wish I had two!