What Day Is It?

That’s probably the most asked question from myself to myself.  I get sidetracked a lot between feeding this kid, getting this one to the bathroom, changing this diaper bomb, and helping this one find her suddenly missing pants.  So, that’s why having a calendar in a few different places is so helpful for this mom. 

I have one on my phone’s home and main screens and the same one on my laptop background.  It’s this one from Oana Befort.
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I’ve mentioned her calendar before; it’s so great.  My sister told me about her and her fabulous calendar downloads (that are FREE!) a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.  They’re beautiful and she makes them different every month.  I know that January is almost over but the calendar is so pretty this month so grab it while there are a couple days left!

I also have a small calendar hanging on a magnetic hook on the side of our fridge.
 photo 2 (24)  
[tutorial for the DIY dry-erase, to-do list here]

This year, I downloaded this one from Delineate Your Dwelling.  It’s free too!  I used to love and download the free printable calendars Young House Love made because they were long and thin, but since they’ve stopped blogging and therefore making calendars, I’ve had to look elsewhere.  Amy’s is meant to be printed on regular 8.5” x 11” paper, but since I needed something a tad smaller to fit my little fridge space, I printed them out two per page, cut them out, and then cut off the outsides where the horizontal lines end to make them thinnner.photo (7)

  Also, our ink cartridges are acting up, printing the calendar in a deep blue rather than black but I kinda like it that way.  (P.S.  We tried out those generic, refilled cartridges because they’re a good amount cheaper and we’ve had nothing but issues with them.  We’ll be buying the real deals next time.)
photo 1 (22)
[Sorry my pictures are a little blurry!  I’ve been lazy and taking phone pictures vs. the big rig…]

I like how simple Amy’s monthly calendars are and that they have a space for notes.  :)

Here are some other free calendar printables I’ve found floating around the web (please pin from original sources):

[from Classy Clutter]

[from Going Home to Roost]

[from Cocorrina]

[from Elegance and Enchantment]

This uber cool one from Vanessa Quijano.

.           .           .

So, are you like me and always wondering what day it is?  I don’t know if I should really blame it on the kids or if it’s just my aging brain.  Maybe we’ll just slice that one down the middle and call it a tie.  :) 


  1. SO MANY CUTE PRINTABLES! I feel like I've got one foot in 2014 and one foot in 2015. My husband is actually the one who pointed out to me this weekend that our cute refrigerator calender was still on December. OOPS! I will have to print one of these out!

    1. Ah! I know what you mean! It's always tough to go from one year to another in one new years' eve night!