A Temporary Fix

You know Target?  You know when you walk in and you just have to walk past the women’s clothing section to see what amazing pieces they have out at the moment because they never fail in that dept?  You know when you really, really want to just spend your life’s savings to buy up the whole section because everything is so dang trendy and the prices are way under J. Crew?  That’s my story line every.single.time I walk in to the bulls’ eye.  So one of those times this summer my eyes spied the cutest pink and orange color block top but I did the usual take-a-deep-breath-and-keep-moving and kept on going.  Well, a month or so ago I was pilfering through the clearance racks (per my usual as well) and spotted it.  The only one left…XXL…$5…all mine.  I’m no stranger to shrinking things with my sewing machine so this shouldn’t surprise anybody.  Here ‘tis fresh off the rack and out of my alterations pile:   afterlight
(The party’s color-blocking’s in the back…you’ll see.)

This alteration is a wee bit different from my others though.  It’s only a temporary one.  Being preggo and all, it obviously makes no sense to take this top in and then not be able to wear it.  My solution?  Sew a straight stitch a couple of inches in at the bottom of each armhole and only a few inches down.  The dotted line below shows where exactly I stitched.  pinkorgtootoo 001
Once on, there was a large flap of fabric under my arm but by just folding it back, you’d be none the wiser.  I almost put a stitch in to hold it there but after wearing it around the house for awhile it stayed put, eliminating the need.

Those few inches of stitching gave me a top that fit up top and accommodated the growing belly.  And I’m a sucker for pleats so the little ones that were created on each side just made the top 10x cuter.
photo (1)

After baby boy has arrived I can always just rip out the stitches I sewed in and take the shirt in all the way down so it’s a little more fitted, but still flowy.
For now though, I’m relishing it, the bright colors and the room it gives baby to grow.

[I realized yesterday after my umpteenth self-timed photo sesh that I really need to replace the self-timer for the husband, running commentary and all.  :)  It’s nice how you can get a detailed shot of our fence as the camera focuses in on that but blurry ‘after’ shots just aren’t going to cut it anymore…sorry about them.]


I finished this top just in time for Mass yesterday so here’s how I wore it to see the Big Guy, minus the scarf because it was sweltering when I stepped out of the house.  I really, really wanted to pair it with some black boots too but sometimes comfort takes precedence and I really didn’t want to be sliding around with pools of sweat in the bottoms of my cute boots.  :)

Outfit details:
Scarf:  Joyce Leslie (thanks Momma)
Top:  Target (altered)
Blazer:  Target (altered)
Polka Dots:  Target via Dirt Cheap (altered and dotted)
Shoes:  Gabriel Brothers

.           .           .

In case you’re wondering, the coffee-table-going-ottoman is still in the exact same state as it was last week.  We’ve got foam and a piece of wood for the top on our to-buy list.  With that, does anyone know where we can get some reasonably priced upholstery foam?  I’ve checked JoAnn’s and spending $45 on foam (and that’s with a coupon!) just isn’t what our bank account had in mind…if that’s all we can find however, we’ll save up for it and bite the bullet.  I’ve heard of people using camping mats from Home Depot but ours doesn’t sell them nor are they available online…help! 

Oh and P.S., it’s party time!  I’m linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday!  Fashionable times to be had over there! 


  1. Stopping by from FLAP.
    You look lovely! I love what you did to that top! I wish I could sew. My friend gave me a sewing machine. It hangs out in my dining room. I am a little scared of it, so right now, I keep on knitting and wishing I could sew.

  2. I don't know what kind of foam you need but mattress toppers can be a cheaper way to get a big piece of foam. I kept my eyes open and got some at Goodwill after Target had discarded them. They were an XL twin size (the eggshell type) and I got two so I could sandwich them to make a headboard (that is not finished nor even started yet). I think they were intended for dorm beds. Just a thought!
    Cute top! It is always fun when refashions turn out well.

    1. Ooh thanks Elizabeth! I might check out a local discount store for some bedding foam. I need some really dense stuff but maybe I'll get lucky!

    2. Oh and let me know when you get that headboard done and how the foam works! When you sandwich them together, do you put the two eggshell sides together and if so, do they fit like a puzzle?

  3. Love the super quick and awesome fix! I need to check out Target just for that top!

    1. Thanks! Yes, you totally should! It wasn't that long ago that they had it so I'm sure you could probably still find one!

  4. Oh my goodness, you make everything look so easy! I want to be able to be as awesome with a sewing machine as you are. You look great and your outfit is so trendy! Cute Mama!

    1. Ha! You give me too much credit! It was probably the easiest thing alteration I've ever done! Just a couple of stitches in a straight line and that's it! You could totally do it! :)

  5. Too cute! Totally getting ginormous tops and altering them to fit like that next time I'm pregnant - take that, maternity clothes!

    I'm excited to see the foam ottoman - we got an upholstered storage ottoman a few months ago and it's been INCREDIBLE for the cruising twins. The big kids always bashed their heads on tables when they were learning to walk and pull up and the ottoman has been so much better for that! You'll be so glad it's cushioned when your baby boy starts getting mobile :)

  6. wow, great tip !!! I wonder though if it's a long sleeve how would you bring it in ? I saw so many cute ones (sz L) and I never know what to do with them. Do share if you write up a post on it :-)

    1. Hmmm...good question! I'll hunt for one the next time I'm out just to try it! Lord knows I'll need some for winter!