Operation Coffee Table to Ottoman

Remember when I popped in 10 short months ago and told you we scored this magnificent coffee table at Goodwill for $12?

The plan is to paint it and lose the glass (currently residing on a Craigslist ad) in favor of a tufted, cushy top where we can rest our footsies after a long day.

Well, along with apparently becoming notorious for revealing a project idea and then procrastinating for months on end, it’s what’s on the agenda for the next coming weeks.  The twins have discovered the fun in climbing and while it’s cute and all, standing on the glass top doesn’t really scream “good parenting” to me.

Last week I unscrewed the bottom shelf and took the whole thing outside where I scrubbed it down fast and furious like.  Then I made a bed of old sheets and my go-to spray painting plywood in the backyard and got busy priming it.

  coffeeott 001

Primed (Rustoleum from Walmart):coffeeott 003

I was going to go ahead and paint it but then we decided it’d probably be best to buy and cut the wood for the top and then make the holes we’ll need to attach it once it’s all nice and upholstered.  If we make any scratches while doing that, it’ll be a lot easier to just sand and re-prime instead of having to add paint touch-ups too.

So, it’s currently in the catch-all guest bedroom waiting.  Hopefully we’ll have a piece of wood, cut and ready to be cushioned by the end of the week.  I’ll be in touch!

Have a great week!


  1. I'm see the finished version of this. I am not a huge fan of glass top coffee tables after having ones for years, so I love that you're taking off the glass and repurposing it.

    Our Little Miracles

  2. This is awesome! Too bad I can't just mail mine your way to be re-vamped as well :)