Two Heads & Four Feet

Since we’re (literally) creeping up to Halloween and all, I thought I’d share my favorite outfit for that exact occasion – a two-headed (wo)man. 

I have this incredible blessing in my life who goes by the name of Megan and she lives 10 hours away which makes me very sad.  But it wasn’t always this way.  We were randomly put together in a dorm room one spring semester in college (Franciscan University – woot woot) and from that point were inseparable.  She was the peanut butter to my jelly, the creamer in my coffee, my sista from another mista…you get it, BFFs.  I’m pretty sure some of my creativity comes from this one.  She’s an incredible artist and putting our two brains together was cah-razy.  We divided our dorm room into two parts with hanging curtains one year, built a huge entertainment center out of those metal racks you connect with plastic connecters, and even created our own trundle bed using one day bed, one bed on a rolling frame, and lots of particularly placed cinder blocks – it was awesome.  The year after we graduated, we did it again and came up with thee PERFECT Halloween costume, this:
sheena 096
The Two-Headed Business (Wo)Man

All we did was head to our favorite discount store, Gabriel Brother’s, where we bought the largest pair of men’s dress pants we could possibly find (I think they were like size 72 or something), an XXXL men’s button down dress shirt, a pair of large suspenders, and an XXL mens’ tee.  We paid under $20 for the whole ensemble.  So that we could walk without falling over, we cut a slit up the back of each pant leg so they essentially became two long pencil skirts that were attached.  We also cut two holes out of a scrap piece of white jersey material where we stuck our heads, creating a sort of undershirt under the dress shirt.  I think we each wore black socks on our feet minus shoes, making two big feet.  Underneath we just sported some shorts and a tank.

We got in character once we arrived at the party we were headed to since driving while attached wasn’t possible…well, maybe possible but maybe not the safest idea… 

We did have some fun beforehand too during the dress rehearsal, trying to maneuver ourselves into normal human positioning…
sheena 092
[Turns out crossing our giant legs was no easy feat feet…hehe.]

sheena 093
[pre-game stretches]

sheena 094
[“If we can just get our legs to swing over here…”]

sheena 095
[If you block out our heads with your hand, you have to admit, it’s one large (wo)man, no?]

Love and miss you Meggie!!!!!!!!

.           .           .

What’s your favorite Halloween costume?  I think my runner-up is the crayon outfit my mom slid me in when I was a wee girl…I hated every minute of it because it went from pointed head to feet and sitting was not an option but it was still pretty cool.  Then there’s the candy corn because of the cool white boots, the dozens of princesses I went through over the years, the Cat in the Hat…

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  1. Hahaha! This is awesome! Oh, college. :) I think I only dressed up once while at FUS, hitting up a party in the projects last minute. I remember raiding my closet to find anything I could, and ended up as a gypsy for the night. :)