What I Wore Sunday ~2/24/13~

Once again, putting aside the sweatpants and tees for Sunday Mass along with all of the lovely link-up ladies at Fine Linen and Purple.

I could write so much about this particular Sunday.  It was a jam-packed day fo sho.  For starters, I was once again home alone with the infants going on teenagers this weekend while my husband, their father, was out causing Christian chaos with a bunch of teens at a youth conference.  So, being the brave madre that I am, I decided to go to Mass alone with the girls for real this time (last time I was solo I made sure some friends were going to be there with extra arms).  If you happened to be there, you probably didn’t miss me.  I was the spectacle with a baby strapped to her front side, a nothing-short-of-a-suitcase diaper bag slung over my left, and a car seat laden babe swinging on my right arm, carefully taking each step as if it were my last (because it just could’ve been with one tiny misstep) and breathing a hurricane-force wind every two seconds.  And people wonder why I’m “so little” after having twins…
Well, my first and last stop was the cry room and as soon as I sat down I said a little prayer that God protect me from melt-downs, outbursts, and big, bad diapers when who walked in but my friend Kerstin, her mom, sister, niece and nephew.  Praise the Lord for extra arms and for answering my prayers!  I hadn’t yet worked out a plan for how I was going to get to Communion but God had – Kerstin.  She carried Cecilia while I toted her sis.  And all was well with the Tobin women.  We walked out of that church alive in more ways than one.  :)

After Mass I fielded multiple “how do you do it?” questions from the masses, to which I always respond “I have no clue”, and headed on over to my equally-husbandless-for-the-weekend friend Lauren’s house for Emma’s birthday party.  It was five-year-old princesses and princes all up in there and a darn good time.  (She’ll be sure to write up a good hundred words or two about it that you should definitely check out, especially to see the cardboard castle we whipped up while our five cumulative kids vied for our attention.)  After the celebratory medieval fest, I ran a few errands and moved up the age ladder to hanging out with teenagers for the remainder of the day.  Needless to say, neither of my girls got in a real nap today so I’m crossing my fingers and pre-counting my sheep that I’ll be able to sleep over half the night before being awoken by a cranky, hungry twin or two.

And now I sit, writing it all out for you and yours when I should be showering, doing dishes, or washing diapers.  On to the point:
wiws22413 007 
What I wore.

Blazer:  Target (altered – see below)
Tee:  Target
Tank:  Forever 21
Mints:  Target
Peep-toes:  Wal-Mart
Necklace:  a b-day present from my friend Linsey (I’m not really a jewelry wearer per say, but I LOVE this necklace!  It comes with different colors of stones you can switch out (pearl white today) AND it’s simple…so perfect.)

Moving right along, I’m just going to go ahead and make this a smorgasbord of a post and tell you about my blazer.  I found it at Target a few weeks ago for $8.  The fit was okay, the price cheap – just like my diy lovin’ heart likes it.  My sis pinned it for me while it was on and I sewed through each side, lining and all, to get a tailored new blazer.  Straight stitch, zig zag in lieu of serging, and pinking shears and that’s all she wrote…about that.
wiws22413 003  

Last, words that struck me during the homily this morn that I’ll pass on to you.  “What are you holding on to in this life that you’re risking the Kingdom of heaven for?”  I was trying to keep Seraphia’s baby ADD at bay for most of the homily, but she did let me pay attention enough to hear that.  It made me think of heaven and how I’m really not willing to risk my chances of getting there one day yet I repeatedly do.  Oh humanity, why must you be so fickle!  Thank God for Lent, the ultimate time to take a hammer to those stubborn habits and faults!  I don’t know about you, but this one is kicking my butt and we’re not even half-way through.  Keep on keepin’ on, the rise of the Son is on it’s way!


  1. Those mint pants are perfect. And I'm so impressed with your blazer-tailoring skills!

  2. Love, love love this, Sheena! The black makes those minty jeans wintry enough, and your sewing skills never fail to amaze =)

  3. L-O-V-E that outfit! You look gorgeous! I'm on a hunt for mint pants and I'm thinking me and the little one just might have to make a Target trip once this snow melts. Also, congrats on the successful solo trip!!

  4. You look fab! Love the blazer - I'm still waiting for my pre-baby blazers to fit... And I'm impressed that you attempted Mass with twins alone! Thank goodness someone was there to help :)

  5. Love the DIY!!
    The mint pants are a glorious color and the shoes!! LOVE!

  6. Love those jeans and way to go on the sewing! Nicely done!

    Give yourself a pat for braving mass alone with your girls. Well, done, mama!