Bean Sprouts: 7 Months

Seven long and short months have passed since the twins exited the confines of mwah and seven long and short months have also passed since the last time I slept more than six hours at a time, had a schedule not dictated by feedings, I could wear a shirt more than once without washing it, “doing laundry” didn’t include washing diapers (many, many diapers), or since I’ve spent a peaceful morning with a cup ‘o joe by my side, just wisting away my big plans for a wide open day.  But, I’ve loved every minute of it…nope, that’s a lie.  Those hundreds of times now where my peaceful slumber has been ripped to shreds by baby pipes aren’t so loved…accepted, but not loved.  Anyway, I’ll stop my rambling and get on to what I know you really all care about anymore (becausemommyischoppedliver), the offspring.7 mo

feb92012 042 The girl with two bottom teeth, barely protruding from the surface of her gums.  The girl who hated food at the beginning of the month but is now open wide at the sight of her rubber spoon.  The girl whose hair I still just can’t wrangle…another trim of the left side is impending.7 mo 3 Her new thing as of this past week, being the girl who can get up on knees and elbows and wobble back and forth before falling and getting right back up.feb92012 014  First one to get teeth, first one to start making mobility moves, first-born…it all just makes sense, I guess.  She talks and talks and talks, whether something is in her mouth or not and, speaking of her mouth, loves it to be always occupied.  Not in a ‘hungry’ sort of way, but just always ‘chewing’ sort.  As a matter of fact, anything and everything she gets her long fingers on goes straight to the mouth usually preceded by a monstrous “arggghhh”.

7 mo   The girl who eats anything and everything – pears, oatmeal, squash, medicine, Mommy’s hair – it’s all one and the same to this girl.  Her mouth is always WIDE open, ready for any sort of nourishment that might find it’s landing there.  She’s the girl who, even though she was falling asleep whilst eating two seconds before, suddenly thinks that once we make our way with her to the crib for bedtime, that it’s now play time.  Girl without a tooth to be seen, girl with the two biggest baby dimples I ever did see, girl with her hands always behind her head:
c arms up Seriously, this girl can chill.  My sister took all of these pictures during her five-day stay a couple of weeks ago.  It’s her go-to position.  One.of.a.kind.


Per monthly tradition, we sat the sprouts on the ‘ole loveseat to get some proof of growth the other night and they just wouldn’t have it.  The first snap was okay but then it just went downhill 7 mo 4from 7 mo 5 there.7 mo 6

So the next day, after being reminded that we are dust (Ash Wednesday, in case I lost ya there), I sat them back down for another try:
feb92012 024 

feb92012 025

feb92012 026

feb92012 027

feb92012 032

feb92012 033

feb92012 034

feb92012 035

feb92012 036

 7 mo cu


  1. So cute! I love that you put all of the pics of Cecilia in her pose. My favorite 2 are the pics of her in the highchair and in the bath. And I also love the pic of Seraphia needing a haircut!

  2. TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love it!! Happy 7 Months!

  3. Love all the pictures and updates, especially the hands behind the head montage. So funny!

  4. Oh my heck, the love seat pics! hahaha! So sweet. They are just darling. :)

  5. Cecelia's posing! I can't get over it! Your girls are so gorgeous, Sheena!

  6. Ah, I can't get enough of them! They're both just too cute! And Cecilia's go-to pose - hilarious!