Button Button

Who’s got the button?  I do!  I made one!  See?


And you can have it for your very own if you’d like, just scroll down and find it in my sidebar, copy and paste, and whoop there it is!  I made it with my fave online editing resource, pixlr.com and then got it up and running on the blog using this awesome tutorial by Marie at Code it Pretty.  Seriously, she walks you through each little step holding your hand the entire way until, whaddya know, at the end you’ve got yourself some blog bling to share!  Anybody else got a button to share?  Let’s accessorize!  :)


  1. I love this! I will have to copy. thanks!

  2. love the dresser!! If it were me, I'd paint it and put on new handles. It has a lot of potential... I can't imagine having two little ones like you, though! You probably have been given a ton of graces to keep up with them. Cute, cute room.