Firmoo Eyewear: A Review

My heart skips a few beats when I hear “free”.  So, you can imagine my excitement when Firmoo shot me an email asking if I’d like a free pair of specs in exchange for a review.  I think it took me 0.00001 seconds to reply back with a big, fat “YES”.  The fact that I’ve been wearing the same glasses I’ve owned for about five years now helped kick my enthusiasm in high gear.

Well, I looked, I ordered, they shipped, they came, and here they are:feb12012 018
(The pair I ordered is currently unavailable on the Firmoo website, but when/if they come back up, I’ll be sure to attach a link.)

I’ll start with the good first.  The glasses were super-easy to order; the website really easy to navigate.  I absolutely love the try-on feature!  I’ve always been leery of ordering anything online that pertains to being worn on my person, including glasses, but this feature put that fear aside (even though I did think there was a discrepancy between the online try-on and reality, but I’ll write about that later.)feb42012 002
Sheena, Sheena, Sheena, Sheena, Sheena, Sheena, Sheena, aaand Sheena.

Once I ordered the glasses they were at my doorstep within four days.  I didn’t waste anytime digging in and was pleasantly surprised by all of the goodies Firmoo sent with the glasses.  I was expecting my glasses, wrapped in plastic, and that’s it.  But no, I got a rad hard case, a cleaning cloth, and tiny tool set – and all of that in a nice little drawstring bag.  feb42012 001 I’m not gonna lie, I was almost more excited about the tool set than the glasses.  I’ve needed one of those many, many times in the past and now Firmoo has blessed me with one.  As far as the glasses go, the quality is awesome.  You’d never guess that this pair runs well under $100!  feb12012 029
The plastic seems like it can definitely withstand the multiple grabs and tosses of little hands…something I’ve become oh-so-used-to these days.  I especially loved the specs I chose because of their ability to be business/geek in front:feb12012 016cp

party on the SIDE:feb12012 022

On the down side, the glasses were a wee bit bigger on my tiny face than they initially looked on me digitally with the try-on feature and so I’m still on the fence about whether or not I actually like them on me.  Also, not sure what went wrong with the prescription, but I excitedly put them on only to find that they were a little strong.  I had my lookers checked last year and they didn’t change much in strength yet I found these glasses to be a lot stronger than my current/previous lenses.  Bummer.  I could’ve entered the prescription wrong whilst ordering or could’ve have gotten some incorrect info from the doc but either way, they’re not wearable as they are until I get the lenses replaced.  Other than that, my only qualm was the lack of selection of small-sized frames.  I didn’t know whether I was more of a small or medium but the lack of small sizes made my medium decision for me.

So, with that, I encourage you to hop on over to Firmoo and treat yourself to some new specs for free with their First Pair Free Program!  That’s right!  Your first pair is absolutely free – prescription or no prescription!  All you have to do is pay shipping!  AND, they’re having a buy one, get one 50% Valentine’s Day sale right now!  So, after you order your first pair, you can order more because Firmoo is all about beauty on a budget; high style on a dime.  Their eyewear is budget-friendly!  I know where I’ll be going to pick up a second, third, fourth pair of glasses plus some cool shades for the upcoming summer sun!  Gone are the days when your only option for getting fabulous four eyes are the hundred dollar frames from your optician!  Also out the door is the idea that only fuzzy sight warrants getting glasses!  These days they’re fashion accessories!

  So, with all of that said, let me make it easy for y’all!  Click here ---> to get your free glasses now!

feb12012 026

P.S.  A special thanks to my amazing and talented (and pregnant!) sis, Farrah, for the backyard photography session.  :)


  1. You look cute! I like those on you.

    And yes, funny timing! Must be that great minds think alike! ;)

  2. So awesome, the glasses are great! And the pictures of you are beautiful- Farrah did a wonderful job. :)

  3. Sheen- I've experience this strange phenomenon with the new lenses seeming to be too strong. I have one pair that is about 6 years old and another that is about 2 and when I switch between it seems like they're different, but I don't think they are. I think it might have something to do with the shape of the lenses. Since your one pair you've had for so long I can see why it would seem weird with a new pair! The other thing I'm thinking is that I believe when you get a pair in the store they measure the distance between your eyes to make sure that the prescription falls in the right place, but I don't know if/how they can account for that online? So maybe that could be something that is off. I know for 1-800-Contacts they need to verify with the dr that your prescription is correct so I would think they would have to do the same for glasses! Anyway- thanks for the info though, I'm excited to look at the site later with Dennis!


  4. Aww they look so good on you! Firmoo contacted me too and I was pretty excited to get a pair of glasses. They are my fave now.