Tulle-ing Around…Again

I’ve been playing with tulle again, purple and yellow tulle this time though in contrast to the ivory of the past.  In the spirit of all things girlie, I constructed a little tutu to adorn the cute belly of a friend’s newborn.  Here are the supplies I used:     june22012 001A onesie, tulle to match (as few or as many colors as you’d like – I used a half yard each of yellow and purple), a pair of scissors, a piece of elastic (I went with a thin, 1/4 inch strand), and (not shown) permanent fabric glue and a needle and thread to secure the knot you’ll make in the elastic.

Speaking Writing of the elastic, I wanted to make sure that once tied to fit around baby’s belly, it wouldn’t come undone so I after I tied a double knot, I ran a strand of thread through the center of the knot and double tied it.june22012 002Then, overachieving or not, I dabbed the entire knot with some permanent fabric glue (making sure to let it dry before attaching the tulle).  Let’s put it this way, baby Colleen can move and twist to her hearts content and her skirt will never fail her.  :)

On to the next, most tedious step in this fun project – attaching the tulle.  I didn’t do the greatest job of photo documenting so I hope my explanations do the trick.  First, I laid out the entire piece of tulle, folded it in half, and then folded it in half the same direction again to create a quadruple layering of tulle.  Then I cut 6 inch strips, giving me three long strips out of which I cut strips two inches wide.  So, in the end I had around 200 or so 2 x 6 inch strips of tulle.  To make things a little less tedious, you can cut wider strips (4 x 6 or even 6 x 6) but I wouldn’t go much longer unless you’re going for a dress look over a tutu.

Next, I tied each individual piece of tulle to the elastic band while watching tv.  It took me a good hour or two to get all of them on.  I only tied one knot and made sure each piece was super-close to the next one which usually required me tying the knot loosely, sliding it over until it touched the previous knot, then tightening. june22012 003

Unfortunately, the only babies I could easily use to model the finished product won’t make their debut for another month or so so once again, you’ll have to rev up that imagination to see how adorbs this would be on any baby girl.june22012 004

I can’t wait to make more for the twins!  I got planz yo…planz for head bandz, belly bandz, and mo… 


  1. STOP IT! So cute!! I can't wait to meet these gals, they have the greatest parents!
    Miss you so much already and love keeping up with your/their progress!! See you soon-
    love, cat p

  2. this is adorable...I want one ;)

  3. so how did you attach it to the onesie? Super cute!

    1. I think I just pinned it on for sake of the picture. It's not actually attached. I made the tutu elastic tight enough to fit snugly around baby's belly to hold it up. :)