Twins: 35 Weeks

35 weeks

These things I know for sure:

(as she steps onto soapbox)

1.  I went to put on one of my favorite maternity (non-maternity actually but just very loose) shirts today only to find that the bottom fourth of my belly was visible to more than just people at heights under three feet…sad because I swear I just wore it a few weeks ago.

2.  During the past few weeks, maybe months, I have not had one speck of food spilled onto my pants as my belly has acted as a shield and saved me from whipping out the good ‘ole stain remover.  My shirts, well, they’re another story.

3.  My feet, and sometimes even my ankles, are now perpetually unrecognizable.  I thought I’d get away without this plague of pregnancy until a couple of weeks ago.  C’est la vie…

4.  However, the marks of stretch I have so far evaded.  How?  I have no clue.  I’m sure it’s nothing short of a small miracle considering this small mountain I carry around each day…and maybe good genes (thanks mom and dad) and cocoa butter.

5.  Either a grueling tennis match was going on in my abdomen the other morning or both kiddos had the hiccups at the same time for the first time.  Considering my size, the first option really isn’t that unrealistic.

6.  I am still trying to grasp the reality that I will be a primary caretaker of two little souls that will enter this world in the next couple of weeks.  I was watching them move yesterday and put my finger on what was probably a knee or heel, realizing that only a few layers of skin and muscle separated us and how soon, nothing will.

7.  Instead of the usual looks of “you’re huge” I was getting, I get more looks (and comments) these days that make me sometimes feel like the ninth wonder of the world.  Lots of people are amazed I’ve gotten this far and am still up and around but most people are amazed at how apparently “little” I am for having such a big belly.  I don’t know if it’s meant it in a good or bad way but I’m never sure how to respond.  Yes, my parents passed down to me the smallest bone structure in the world and for years I was plagued by it but behold, I have put close to 40 lbs. on this bod since the beginning of this pregnancy which I think is pretty darn good.  Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that.

8.  I am so absolutely blessed to have the most incredible husband in the world and I can’t wait for his little girls to meet him and to be like him.  I can’t wait to be lead by him as a family through life and then to heaven.  I also can’t wait to see two teeny, tiny babies nestled in his big, strong arms.  And now I have to stop writing about him because I’m tearing up…gosh, I love him.  :)

9.  After I have a nap, I’m off to the store to buy much needed groceries and all the ingredients to make these cookies that I’ve been dying to make since Grace posted about them.  They just might serve as my dinner tonight and breakfast and lunch tomorrow with a prenatal vitamin in between for a little variety.  :)

(aaanndd she steps off her soapbox, awkwardly and not without huffing, but she does)


  1. 10. I am so absolutely blessed to have the most incredible sister in the world and I can’t wait for her little nieces to meet her and to be like her. ;)

  2. Wow... just randomly saw this when I looked on your side bar there. I have to say... you looked amazing for 35 weeks with twins!!