Saturday Post…Wha?

Well, Saturday has come and almost gone and I’ve been mulling all day over the fact that I have yet to whip up my normal Saturday post.  The twin belly has given me some quite uncomfortable nights so my brain is not quite up and running so the thought of writing a detailed post sounds as exciting as eating dirt right now.  However, I’ve got progress I’d be happy to show. 

june122012 490

And that’s it.  :)

I’ve actually spent most of today washing baby clothes…lots and lots of baby clothes.  Next up to hit the machine – burp cloths, cloth diapers (which need to be washed four times before their first use – goodness gracious), towels, and blankets.  Maybe after that all of our girls stuff will be ready for them to get here…just like me.  :)

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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