PJ Refashion: Part I

So, as you can imagine, I’ve been slowly putting together a hospital bag of sorts.  While I’m sure that looking like a fashionista super-mom will be the furthest thing from my brain after pushing out the two chicklets, I do want to be comfy.  Well, while enlisting the advice of my friend Jenn on hospital garb, she told me she bought and wore a nursing pj set during her stay.  So, off I went to secure for myself a set of my very own.  That’s when I stumbled upon this number going through some hand-me-down maternity clothes the next day:june202012 003

It has a great, stretchy neckline that I’m sure will be perfect for nursing and was probably made for that very reason since it is maternity, except the top was still a little too big for my small upper frame (notice upper is emphasized…the middle however, well, it’s snug at the moment).  So, to save some money and brush up on my sewing skills, I’ll pulled out the ‘ole machine and took an inch and a half off the top area.

june202012 005

I also decided to shorten the pants since it is summertime and sweltering down here in the humid South (and because they were borderline short on my miles of legs).  So, some measuring, marking, pinning, and sewing got me this:

june202012 009

I only hope I’m this happy wearing it to bed in the sterilized room that will become our temporary home in the next few weeks…

Stay tuned for Part II during one of my next taking-a-load-offs…

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