Hey Shorty

Among the plethora of hand-me-down maternity garb I was given were some snazzy white bermudas…only they took their name pretty seriously…apr282012 002 
…in that they were close to the size of Bermuda on mwah.

After much deliberation, I decided to tighten them up a little by putting an extra seam down the side.  You see, taking in the inside of the legs just wouldn’t remedy the loose situation but taking in the existing seams meant working with/eliminating the pockets I liked having.  So, first I pinned them, making room for my new seam directly in between the existing one and the back pockets,apr282012 006

and then sewed to get these more fitted shorts:apr282012 003

I like the stripe detail created just by sewing in an extra seam.  :)apr282012 007

As for the house and our diy crazed minds, we’ve got nothing going on but a little bit of a mess.
We’ve managed to start the process of converging the guest bedroom and office to make way for the nursery during our spare time.  So, right now it looks like a twister blew in a storm of baby stuff in one room:
apr282012 004 

and just a plain ‘ole case of unorganization in the other.apr282012 005

So, I apologize for the lack of interesting posts lately but am afraid to say that I might be a boring blogger for the next couple of months at which point the twins will come and liven things up a little.  I’ve got a ton of projects on the horizon but they’re all low on the priority list after de-cluttering and organizing the craziness we’ve got going on in the two rooms above.  However, I will keep on keepin’ on with the belly bump posts so you can continue to watch the twins grow on the inside.  :)

Have a great Saturday everyone!  I’m off to tackle the clutter!

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