Twins: 25 Weeks

25 weeks Not much to say but lots to show.  Even though the twins are 25 weeks old (technically it’s been 23 weeks since conception), big momma is measuring in at 30-31 weeks!  I still look in the mirror upon passing though and stare in awe and wonder at the belly they’re giving me…I’m so thankful to have them, so thankful they’re healthy and growing, and so thankful for the God who’s blessed us with two little souls.  :)
As far as fashion and pregnancy go these days, I’m getting my creativity on and it’s working out quite well.  My “new” dress in the shot above is actually a skirt I found while scavenging with my sis five years ago at a thrift store which I pulled up waist high.  I’ve actually been meaning to hem it up forever but turns out it works great as a dress at the moment!  The under shirt is a simple white top (Charlotte Russe) I’ve had since college and the whole shebang is cinched together with a thrifted boys leather belt (such a great alternative to over-priced pieces of plastic they call waist belts) I found for 75 cents.  :) 
maternity dress  
I’ll be sure to post some more maternity outfits I’ve concocted in the past week soon!  My sewing machine has been on my dining room table getting some use and I love it!
.           .           .
Now for the grand finale:  the twins latest photo shoot.  We had an ultrasound this morning showing our little morning glories in all their cuteness.  Finally, they let us get a glimpse of their profiles:25 week ultrasound 00225 week ultrasound 005  They weigh a pound and half each and are both head down at the moment…in which position they’ll hopefully stay until d-day.  Towards the end of the scan they were kicking each other and I was hoping and praying it was playful…so funny to watch.  We also made sure to have the tech do a discount double check on the feminine anatomy just to make sure we weren’t in for any surprises at birth and once again, there’s no mistaking we’ve got two little princesses in there.  :)
I’ll leave y’all with one last picture.  Twin B was very interested in having her pictures taken today and, scary though it kind-of looks, she made sure to look right at the camera, although whether or not she was mouthing “cheese” is debatable:25 week ultrasound 007
Have a great day!


  1. I love that outfit!! Way to get creative!!

  2. Haha! Cheese! I love it! I just found your blog through Ana, and you are just adorable! Congrats on the twins! You look amazing, and I hope all is well. :)