Twins: 24 Weeks

I took full advantage of the mix and match fad at the beach over Easter by putting together my new maternity swimsuit consisting of green bottoms (belonging to a green tankini that obviously will not work at the moment) and a black tube swim top borrowed from my sis covered by a "tankini" top - a $5 microfiber tank from Charlotte Russe purchased solely to be my swim top for the rest of the summer after which it will probably be so stretched out that the trash can will see it next...or the next summer pregnancy.  :)

Onto more important things though...I got to see my sister's little girl, Claire, for the first time this Easter weekend.  I could not get enough of her.  Those cheeks.  Those huge, blue eyes.  The wispy blonde hair that curls in the back.  How she screams loud enough for neighbors a mile away to hear her when she's happy.  The way she holds her blankie up to her face and mouth when you put her to sleep in her crib.  And best of all, her beaming smile that shows her pearly whites peeking out underneath those rosy lips.  How I wish she, my sister, and her hubs lived closer.       

It was such a great Easter gift to be able to make the drive to see them along with seeing my mom and brother.  There was lots of reminicing, laughs (a few times when I was sure that I had smashed the twins with my abs from laughing so hard), candy (Cadbury cream eggs...mmmmm), and probably more dessert than food because that's how we roll.  :)  Such a great way to celebrate the life we've been given over the most holy weekend of the year.  Thank you Jesus!


  1. Sheena,
    I don't know why I'm surprised, but sometimes (like in that pic of you on the beach in your fancy swimsuit), you look so much like your Mom, it's breathtaking (probably because SHE is breathtaking!).
    Love the pictures of Farah's baby girl--so sweet--and oh my goodness, I can tell already you're going to be majorly obsessed with your own precious girls. What a good Mommy you're going to be!
    Lastly, I'm SO happy to know you love Cadbury cream eggs too! Jim and I devour them every Easter, and our kids just don't get it!
    Take care and God Bless!
    p.s. Extra hug for my Godson, if you please! Thank you!

  2. :) thanks tracy! i know, i'm definitely her daughter as far as physical features go!
    i will hug parker for you! he'll love it!
    anyway, off to eat some more eggs...haha...

  3. Tracy's right! You will be a good Mommy, the BEST!
    Miss you guys!