Money, Money, Money

Sorry peeps!  No interesting post today.  I had all the plans to write one up for ya but bright and early this morn we went SUV shopping (twins + Toyota Corolla = impossible), found an SUV, and drove 'er home and now I'm completely brain dead after searching, searching, talking, bargaining, and finally writing a big 'ole check to top it all off.  Frugal Franny here gets very overwhelmed spending this kind of money.  I even opened my mailbox to reveal a glossy, new Better Homes and Gardens awaiting me when we got home but upon opening it and seeing all of it's glorious inspiration, got nauseous thinking about what that inspiration could make me wanna anyway, you get the picture.  I just can't think right now so I can't write.  I will say though that we've got a sweet ride that we scored an excellent deal on - Merry Christmas twins - in our driveway that I'm quite happy about but that has given me a little sticker shock/bank account wound which will hopefully pass once I lay my curly head down on my satin pillow tonight.  :)  Adios!   

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