Twins: 22 Weeks

(Sorry for the subpar photo...we are working on getting our nickels and pennies together to purchase for ourselves an slr camera.  Hopefully we'll have one before I look like I swallowed an elephant so that you can see just how big those two girls are getting.)

Yes siree folks...22 weeks.  Time is flying...and so are the eight little limbs inside me.  It's funny to get kicked way down below the bellybutton, at the bellybutton, and way up under my upper right abs all at the same time...particularly at night...please moms out there, tell me that the active moments of baby under zee skin don't translate into future active moments outside of zee skin.  If unfortunately so, I'll be up nights and sleeping days...which I know is already bound to happen anyway.  When I informed Anthony of my concern this morning, he simply said "well, if that's the case, you just have to keep them up during the day so they sleep at night".  Great!  It's easy as pie then!  ;)


  1. Pretty sure you're the cutest pregnant mama I've ever seen. Oh, and thanks to your husband for the advice- *that's* what I was doing wrong all along! haha!

  2. She is the cutest pregnant mama I've ever seen too. Yep. :)

  3. Sheena you are beautiful!!! As for the activness at night :) I'll think you'll be fine! They like your movements all day, it sooths them and keeps them sleeping, when you stop - that's when they wake up and start to party!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

  4. Thanks're so sweet! Keep telling me that...the bigger I get, the more I'll have to be reminded! ;)

    -Francine- How much he will learn, huh? haha!

    -Jess- Thanks for the of anyone I gladly take it from! :) Miss you!